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Buy Flights Using Kissht


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We're not currently offering Kissht as a payment method at Alternative Airlines. However, the good news is that we offer you a range of other buy now pay later/financing options! Please visit the page below for more details.

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Buy Flights with Kissht

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Kissht is a fintech company in India that offers you credit to buy goods/services from online and offline merchants. Once you've downloaded the app, you can apply for a loan with Kissht to use it on their merchants. Simply apply for a loan and pay for your flights in monthly instalments.

At Alternative Airlines, we offer you flights from over 600 airlines including international and domestic carriers. Not only that, but you can also buy flights using buy now pay later options and over 40 other payment methods.



How to Buy Flights With Kissht


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Follow the steps below to start paying with Kissht:

  • 1

    Complete our search form to start looking for your flight.

  • 2

    Locate and select the flight you want and complete the passenger details page

  • 3

    Choose to pay with Kissht and apply for a loan for your flight.

  • 4

    When your loan is approved and your flight's confirmed, you'll receive your ticket via email.



Kissht & Flights

When you choose to pay with Kissht, you'll only need to put a 10% down payment for any of the flights from any of the 600 airlines we offer at Alternative Airlines. The number of monthly installments you'll need to pay would depend on your loan approval.

To use Kissht, you'll need the Kissht app as well as an Aadhaar Card. Unfortunately, if you don't meet the above requirements then you won't be able to use Kissht for your flights. However, Alternative Airlines has 40+ other payment methods for you to choose from.

Why use Kissht?

Kissht is a great way to split the cost of your flights and make it more affordable with the flexible repayment options they offer. It’s great if you are looking for flights that are unbudgeted. There’re more reasons as to why you should use Kissht:

Instant Approval

With Kissht, you’ll get the decision for your loan instantly. So there’s nothing that you need to worry about

100% Digital

The whole loan process is digital, everything can be done online. This applies to buying your flights with Alternative Airlines too!

Flexible Repayment Options

If one repayment option doesn#t suit your needs, there’re multiple repayment options for you so there’s always an option for you!



Kissht & Flights

What is Kissht?

Kissht is a fintech company in India that offers customers instant loan to pay for goods/services both offline and online.

The company founded in 2015 with the aim to offer customers a chance to improve their capability to borrow. Their solution is now available to over 3000 offline stores and more than 50 online merchants.

Who can use Kissht?

You can use Kissht as long as you own an Aadhaar Card in India.

How long does it take to be approved by Kissht?

Kissht typically approve your loan instantly. If anything, it would be completed within minutes. It’s thanks to their algorithm to check the individual’s credit score.

Can I use Kissht with Alternative Airlines?

We aren’t currently offering Kissht as a payment method. However, we’re actively looking at expanding our payment options for you to use.

At the moment, we offer 40+ payment methods at Alternative Airlines including Affirm, Afterpay, Zip, Laybuy and many more.

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