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About KLM

KLM es la aerolínea de bandera de los Países Bajos y tiene su sede en Amstelveen, con el aeropuerto de Ámsterdam Schiphol. Fundada en 1919, KLM es la aerolínea más antigua del mundo que aún opera bajo su nombre original. A partir de 2013 KLM tenía un total de 32,505 empleados.

KLM y sus socios sirven más de 130 destinos en cinco continentes desde su hub Aeropuerto de Amsterdam Schiphol a muchos destinos en todo el mundo, incluyendo Luanda, Buenos Aires, Viena, Manama, Bruselas, Río de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, Atenas, Accra, Hong Kong, Budapest, Delhi, Kigali, Singapur, Ciudad del Cabo, Johannesburgo, Seúl, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Estambul, Abu Dabi, Aberdeen, Kiev y muchos otros.

On 30 septiembre 2003, Air France and KLM agreed to a merger in which Air France and KLM would become subsidiaries of a holding company called Air France–KLM. KLM also have group equity shares in a number of subsidiaries from airlines to high-speed trains. Airline subsidiaries include Kenya Airways, KLM Asia, KLM Cityhopper, KLM Cityhopper UK, Transavia and Transavia France. KLM is a part of SkyTeam alliance. SkyTeam was founded in junio 2000 is now the second largest alliance in the world, second only to Star Alliance, in terms of passengers and number of members.

SkyTeam currently consists of 20 carriers from five continents operating a wider service for all of their passengers worldwide. KLM has codeshare agreements with most SkyTeam members including; Aer Lingus, Bangkok Airways, Georgian Airways, Gol (previously VRG), Jet Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Olympic Air, Pegasus Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Winair and many others.

KLM currently operates using a variety of aircraft. The KLM fleet is constantly adapting and changing but currently consists of the following aircraft: Airbus A330-200/300, Airbus A350-900, Boeing 737-700/800/900, Boeing 747-400/400M, Boeing 777-200ER/300ER and Boeing 787-9/10. The total number of aircraft for KLM stands at 116 with a further 26 on order to be delivered in the near future.


KLM Pets, Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals

Thinking of flying with either a service animal, pet, or an emotional support animal, see all information and advise by Alternative Airlines about taking an animal on a plane.



KLM Discount

Grab a KLM voucher code on your airline ticket and save on your next trip with KLM! If you are looking for a KLM deal, then look no further as you can get a KLM discount code with Alternative Airlines when you pay with PayPal. There are a wide range of flight voucher codes to use to get a discounted KLM airline ticket!


KLM Baggage

Equipaje de mano libre general permitido

Equipaje de mano Economy Class total max. 12 kg

Clase económica en vuelos intercontinentales

  • 1 x equipaje de mano max. 55 x 35 x 25 cm (21,5 x 13,5 x 10 pulgadas)
  • 1 accesorio, por ejemplo, un bolso, maletín o computadora portátil, máx. 40 x 30 x 15 cm (16 x 12 x 6 pulgadas)
  • Peso total máx. 12 kg (26 lbs).


Equipaje de mano Business Class total max 18 kg

Clase ejecutiva para vuelos europeos e intercontinentales

  • 2 x equipaje de mano, cada max. 55 x 35 x 25 cm (21,5 x 13,5 x 10 pulgadas)
  • 1 accesorio, por ejemplo, un bolso, maletín o computadora portátil max. 40 x 30 x 15 cm (16 x 12 x 6 pulgadas)
  • Peso total máx. 18 kg (40 lbs)


  • Las maletas grandes que cumplan con los requisitos del equipaje de mano aún pueden tener que registrarse en la puerta sin cargo, debido al espacio limitado en los compartimentos superiores de la cabina. Por favor, guarde bolsas pequeñas debajo del asiento frente a usted.
  • Recomendamos encarecidamente ver su asignación de equipaje personal en My Trip para vuelos de KLM. Consulte los sitios web de otras aerolíneas en su itinerario para conocer su política de equipaje (manual).

KLM check-in information

Equipaje gratuito para facturación general

Equipaje de facturación Economy Class max 23 kg

Clase económica en vuelos intercontinentales

  • 1 x equipaje de facturación: L + W + H máx. 158 cm (62 pulgadas) y en total máx. 23 kg (50 lbs).
  • Los miembros Flying Blue Silver, Gold y Platinum y SkyTeam Elite y Elite Plus pueden llevar 2 piezas de equipaje de facturación de las mismas dimensiones y peso.

* Esto también se aplica a los vuelos europeos KLM que forman parte de un viaje intercontinental y vuelos KLM entre Europa continental y Armenia, Bielorrusia, Georgia y Rusia. 



European class on KLM European flights

  • Boletos ligeros: 1 pieza de equipaje de mano. Si desea traer más equipaje, puede comprar el equipaje extra en línea con un descuento durante su reserva o en My Trip.
  • Boletos estándar y flexibles: 1 equipaje de mano y 1 equipaje de facturación.
  • Además de esto, los miembros Flying Blue Platinum, Gold y Silver pueden llevar 1 equipaje adicional de check-in L + W + H max. 158 cm (62 pulgadas), en total máx. 23 kg (50 lbs). Esto se aplica a todos los vuelos operados por SkyTeam. Los miembros de Flying Blue Ivory tienen la misma franquicia de equipaje que los pasajeros regulares.

* Esto también se aplica a los vuelos de KLM entre Europa continental y Argelia, Israel, Marruecos y Túnez.


2 equipaje de facturación Artículos de la clase Business cada max. {1 kg


  • 2 x equipaje de facturación: L + W + H cada max. 158 cm (62 pulgadas) y puede pesar cada max. 32 kg (70,5 lbs)
  • Los miembros Flying Blue Silver, Gold y Platinum y SkyTeam Elite y Elite Plus pueden llevar 3 piezas de equipaje de facturación de las mismas dimensiones y peso. Los miembros de Flying Blue Ivory tienen la misma franquicia de equipaje que los pasajeros regulares.



KLM Seat Selection

KLM seat selection available with Alternative Airlines. View KLM seat availability and choose your KLM preferred seat when you book with Alternative Airlines. Alternative Airlines allows passengers to choose their seat on all KLM flights, no matter which destinations they're flying between! Find out how to book your seats here. 


KLM Business Clas

Enjoy comfort, attention to detail and excellent customer service on board your intercontinental flight with KLM.

KLM Business Class Facilities

KLM Business Class passengers are able to pack more for their journeys with a larger baggage allowance. Not only this, but KLM passengers are able to visit the KLM Crown Lounges and earn up to 175% miles.

What are KLM Business Class seats like?

World Business Class seats on KLM are 207cm long and are fully reclinable by 180 degrees. After a good night's sleep on your fully-flat bed, you'll arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and revitalized. KLM Business Class Seats are also equipped with in-seat power sockets and privacy canopies so that you can work from the comfort of your seat. On Airbus A330-200 and the Airbus A330-200 aircraft, Business Class passengers are equipped with "sleeper seats" rather than fully-flat beds.


KLM Inflight Entertainment

Passengers can enjoy over 1000 hours of entertainment on board any intercontinental KLM flight. Choose from movies, TV and games in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese or Spanish.


Choose from a wide selection of popular TV shows on your intercontinental KLM flight. Select your favourite American sitcom or an eye-opening documentary to help make the time fly on board your KLM flight.

KLM Movies

Find award-winning films in a variety of different languages when flying long-haul with KLM. KLM frequently updates its range of new releases so that you can sit back and enjoy some of the most recent movies during your flight.There's a movie for every age and every taste with KLM.



KLM Food

KLM Meal Options

KLM offer passengers in flight food, which varies depending on the class, route flying and duration of flight. For some shorter flights, there may be a reduced meal service which may be limited to sandwiches, salads or yoghurt for example.

For economy class passengers, a choice of hot meal will be offered, which will be served  a started and bread. In addition, passengers can purchase items from the A la carte menu, which have to be pre-ordered on the KLM website 48 hours prior to departure.

Business class passengers enjoy a specially prepared dinner which includes a choice of cold starter or vegetarian soup, choice of several main dishes and a choice of several desserts, fruit or cheese.


KLM Special Dietary Requirements

Passengers with special dietary needs can order a special meal for their KLM flight. These must be ordered at least 24 hours before scheduled departure time, or 48 hours for Kosher meals, from the KLM website under ‘My Trip’. The special diet meals available are:

      Children’s Meals   Baby meal  
          Child’s meal  
      Vegetarian Meals   Lacto-ovo vegetarian meal  
          Asian vegetarian meal  
          Vegetarian vegan meal  
      Medical Meals   Diabetic Meal  
          Low-fat meal  
          Low-salt meal  
          Gluten-intolerant meal  
          Lactose intolerant meal  
      Religious Meals   Muslim meal  
          Kosher meal  
          Hindu meal  


KLM Drinks & Alcohol

On all KLM intercontinental flights, passengers are greeted on board with a a welcome drink. There is also complimentary after-dinner coffee, tea or liqueur, and a drinks service which offers drinks once every hour.

The drinks available are soft drinks and fruit juices, hot drinks, and alcoholic drinks including beer, fine wines and liquors.



KLM Economy Class

Economy class in KLM offers comfort on both intercontinental and European, short-haul flights


KLM Economy Facilities

Intercontinental KLM Economy Class includes a blanket and pillow with a well designed seat along with an in-flight magazine.

Meal (you can request for any special dietary requirements) and a choice of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. For many flights departing form Amsterdam, you can choose from the a la carte menu.

European KLM Economy Class flights provides comfortable seating with a sandwich and snack and a choice of beverages of either alcoholic and non-alcoholic. On board shopping is available for flight duration of more than 90 minutes.


KLM Economy Class Seats


Economy Class in KLM comprises of two types of seating - Economy Regular (76 - 81cm of legroom) and Comfort (extra recline of up to 18cm).


KLM Route Map 

Route map KLM



Rutas Populares


Londres dark grey plane icon  Abu Dhabi


Joahnnesburg  dark grey plane icon  Ámsterdam


Beijing dark grey plane icon  Londres


Lagos  dark grey plane icon  Ámsterdam


Londres  dark grey plane icon  Chengdu


Rio de janiero dark grey plane icon  Londres




Airbus A330- 200


Airbus A330- 300







Boeing 737-700

Boeing 737-800






Boeing 737-900

 Boeing 747-400 M





Aeropuerto de Amsterdam Schiphol 

Aeropuerto Principal


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol es el principal aeropuerto internacional de los Países Bajos. El aeropuerto de Amsterdam es el aeropuerto central para muchas aerolíneas, incluidas Corendon Dutch Airlines, KLM, Transavia y TUI Airlines Netherlands. El aeropuerto tiene 6 pistas y puede manejar casi 60 millones de pasajeros cada año. 


Amsterdam Schipol airport



Skyteam logo




SkyTeam Alliance es una alianza de las aerolineas más importantes mundiales, con 20 aerolíneas asociadas. La alianza SkyTeam se fundó en 2000 y ahora consta de aerolíneas miembros como Aerolineas Argentinas, AeroMéxico, Air Europa, China Southern, Alitalia, China Airlines, Delta, Garuda Indonesia, Kenya Airways, KLM y otras. La red de SkyTeam Alliance tiene casi 16,323 vuelos diarios, con 1,052 destinos en 177 países. 




KLM News

27 junio 2018

KLM want to better partnership with railway system

KLM has put forward the idea of creating a partnership between airlines and railways companies across Europe. KLM CEO, Pieter Elbers, stated that if airlines and railway  companies were to co-operate better,  they would be able to reduce the amount of congestion throughout many international airports in Europe.

Elbers said that passengers should see the railway as the best option for short-haul travel between European cities, but because railway  companies don't offer quick and cheap enough services, customers will always choose to fly. Elbers continued that if people were to travel short distances by train, the aviation industry would be able to reduce its amount of short-haul services. This would reduce costs and be much more environmentally friendly, according to the KLM CEO.


11 junio 2018

Air France y KLM mantienen su fuerte asociación

Rumour has it that there have been questions hovering over why KLM needs its long-term partner Air France when it is standing on its own two feet so well at the moment. It seems, however, according to external sources, that both airlines will continue to rely on the support of one another for the foreseeable future.  That said, it also seems possible that the partnership may be holding both airlines back in the European market, as together they seem unable to compete against European aviation giant, Lufthansa. Air France and KLM will continue to be successful together, but the question remains whether one will want to branch off and attempt to take the top spot. There are also rumours that AccorHotels is looking to invest in Air France-KLM, which could turn the airline into a full-service travel superpower. 


13 mayo 2018

Air France-KLM amortigua las ganancias y las expectativas de crecimiento

Air France-KLM has come to the conclusion that profits may fall this year due to strikes. Air France tickets may have suffered from the   high demand for tickets thanks to robust economies, which has helped to ease the pressure on fares.  The results came as Air France staff staged the 13th day of walkouts this year and come hours ahead of a crunch ballot for the group’s chief executive, who has said it would be hard for him to stay if staff vote against the pay proposal.  Last year, the group made an operating profit of 1.488 billion euros, although that has been restated to 1.9 billion euros due to IFRS accounting rule changes. Air France believe that the walkouts may have cost the company 300 million euros. KLM reservations can be made with Alternative Airlines. 


23 mayo 2017

KLM and TUI Netherlands to expand partnership

KLM and TUI Netherlands  have announced that they will expand their existing partnership framework by cooperating on various routes while at the same time substantially expanding their combined capacity on routes they already serve together.  The two Dutch airlines have stated that TUI will restore Kenya to its range of destinations. As such, from November of this year onwards, TUI will offer capacity on KLM's new 3x weekly return service to Mombasa, with an intermediate stop in Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta. In addition, TUI will acquire blocks of seats on KLM's new 3x weekly direct service to Mauritius that will commence in November. TUI has an existing presence on the Indian Ocean island through its chain of RIU Hotels.
In South America, TUI will develop synergies with KLM on its Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, and San José Juan Santamaría, Costa Rica, services. At the latter, TUI will begin operating tours under the Kras brand next winter. In the Caribbean, TUI fly (Netherlands) (OR, Amsterdam) will suspend flights to St. Maarten this winter, but TUI will continue to offer the Dutch market package trips to this island in cooperation with KLM. KLM and TUI will also jointly serve various European cities, with KLM taking part in TUI’s “City of the Month” campaign, which highlights a specific city trip within Europe every month.


17 mayo 2017

After 16 years, KLM is resuming Amsterdam-Mumbai service with a thrice-weekly flight beginning from octubre 29

KLM (part of the Air France-KLM group) will deploy a 294-seat Boeing 787-9 aircraft on the route and the new service will enable Air France-KLM to catch up with Lufthansa that is now the biggest European airline flying to India. KLM is resuming services from Amsterdam to Mumbai after 16 years with a 3 x Weekly flight beginning from octubre 29.


16 mayo 2017

KLM in recent schedule filing adjusted planned seasonal service to Sri Lanka.

The winter seasonal Amsterdam – Colombo operation from 29 octubre 2017 to 24 marzo 2018, will see a service operating three times weekly over the winter season, instead of the previously planned 6-week period from 17 enero to the end of March. Boeing 787-9 aircraft serves this market.


30 marzo 2017

KLM Cargo es anunciado como el nuevo miembro fiduciario de TIACA

KLM Cargo es la principal compañía de transporte aéreo en el mercado islandés, con servicios a 54 destinos dentro de América del Norte y Europa. La aerolínea de carga ha sido anunciada como el miembro más nuevo de la Asociación Internacional de Carga Aérea (TIACA), lo que le ayudará a construir un rol más fuerte para las iniciativas de carga aérea y crear una mejor comunidad de carga aérea.


28 marzo 2017

KLM have announced that they will resume flights to Sierra Leone and Liberia

For the first time in 20 years, KLM will resume flights to Freetown in Sierra Leone and Monrovia in Liberia. The flight services were halted during the civil wars in the 1990s.
The new service will fly 3 times a week, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays (from Amsterdam and returning via Monrovia)

La devolución del servicio agregará más oportunidades de conexión para el aeropuerto de Amsterdam Schiphol.