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About LATAM Airlines

LATAM Airlines is a South American airline group under the Brazilian and Chilean law and headquartered in Santiago, São Paulo, Brazil and Chile.

LATAM Airlines flies from many European countries to a wide range of Latin America destinations, which include: Chile, Argentina, Perú, Brazil and Colombia. LATAM airlines is a leading carrier of air travel, and has recently joined ONEWORLD alliance program. With a fleet of 172 aircraft LATAM is operating 800 departures daily. The airline provides domestic and international routes for worldwide customers with scheduled services to destinations within Brazil, as well as international flights to Europe and other parts of North and South America. Also customers can benefit from remote medical assistance on international flights, LATAM Loyalty Program, Fidelidade, and LATAM Cargo services.

In 2011 Chile’s LAN Airlines and Brazil’s TAM Airlines signed an agreement to merge and acquired LAN Colombia (formerly Aires). In 2015 LATAM Airlines announced that it would fully rebrand to LATAM, with one unified livery on all aircraft by 2018. The first one was introduced in 2016. The rebranding process is currently taking place and completion is expected by 2019.

The LATAM Airlines Group, founded in 2012, merged with TAM Airlines and rebranded to form LATAM Airlines. Subsidiaries of the LATAM Airlines Group include: 



Latam chile

Latam colombia


LATAM Ecuador  

LATAM Paraguay 

LATAM Argentina 



LATAM Airlines Baggage

Carry-on Baggage

LATAM Airlines carry-on baggage allowance comprises of 1piece of carry-on baggage, alongside 1personal item. The carry-on bag must be a maximum weight of 8kg (17 lb) for Economy passengers, and 16kg (35 lb) for Premium Economy and Premium Business passengers. Passengers flying in Economy class on a route with an origin and/or destination of Brazil, the maximum weight of the carry on bag is 10kg (22 lb. Maximum dimensions for carry-on baggage are 55cm (21 in) x 35cm (13 in) x 25cm (9 in), including pockets, wheels and handle.If carry-on baggage exceeds the permitted size and weight, it will be sent as checked baggage, which will be subject to excess baggage fees if it exceeds the permitted baggage allowance.

Checked Baggage

The maximum permitted weight and dimensions for one checked bag for passengers travelling with LATAM Airlines is 23kg (50 lb) weight and 158 linear (total of width, thickeness and height dimensions)cm (62 linear in). Checked baggage allowance will depend on the class of the ticket, and the route travelled - make sure to check the details on your ticket for more information on the luggage allowance for your ticket.

Overweight and special baggage

Baggage that exceeds the baggage allowance for a passenger will be subject to excess baggage fees, which vary depending on whether the item is oversized, overweight, and the baggage allowance of the ticket purchased.

Carry-on baggage that exceeds the carry-on allowance will be sent to the hold and subject to additional charges. Some items will count as special baggage and can be transported at an extra transportation fee - these fees can only be paid in person at the airport, and are subject to space on the aircraft.


LATAM Airlines Check-In Information

Online Check-In with LATAM Airlines Group

Online check-in is available between 48 and 2 hours before departure time. Online check-in is not available for those requiring special assistance, for those traveling with pets or for those traveling with more children than adults. 

Online Check-In with LATAM Airlines Brazil or Paraguay

For international flights, online check-in is available between 72 hours and 2 hours before flight departure. If it is a domestic flight within Brazil, you can check in online up to 45 minutes prior to departure. 


LATAM Airlines Seat Selection

You can now reserve your LATAM Airline seats ahead of time with Alternative Airlines. Find seats with extra legroom, window and aisle seats to make sure you have the most comfortable in-flight experience possible.


LATAM Airlines Fleet

48 Airbus A319- 100

146 Airbus A320- 200

2 Airbus A320neo

47 Airbus A321-200

7 Airbus A350-900

37 Boeing 767-300 ER

10 Boeing 777-300 ER

10 boeing 787-8

12 boeing 787-9

11 Boeing 767-300F

4 Boeing 777F


Economy Class

Economy Class is LATAM's standard cabin class, with its most basic features and level of service.

Economy Class Facilities

Economy Class has a full inflight menu, which is available to order from on both short-haul and long-haul flights.

On long-haul flights, passengers can enjoy the airline's inflight entertainment system, which includes the choice of over 150 films and more than 150 television shows, both suitable for children and adults. 

Economy Class Seats

Economy Class seats are each fitted with a personal television monitor, which can be used to watch the airline's inflight entertainment.

Seats are spacious and comfortable, with adjustable headrests and reclinable backs.


Premium Economy

Premium Economy is perfect for business travellers who want extra space, comfort and privacy, in a separate section of the cabin. Premium Economy is exclusive for regional flights, short-haul flights. Premium Economy is available on all flights operated using the Airbus A319 or Airbus A320.

Premium Economy Facilities

Premium Economy passengers are given an increased baggage allowance, priority check-in, boarding, disembarkation and baggage collection, as well as access to LATAM's airport lounge. 

Premium Economy passengers can enjoy access to over 300 TV shows and films combined through LATAM's inflight entertainment system. Passengers can also charge their own electronic devices through the charging ports that are located at each seat.

Premium Economy Seats

Premium Economy seats are located at the front of the aircraft. The cabin has enough space for 12 seats and is laid out in a 3 x 3 formation. The middle seat in each block of three is kept empty and is converted into a tablespace, which gives passengers extra space and privacy. 



Business Class Facilities

Business Class passengers are given access to the airline's airport lounge and can enjoy priority boarding, check-in, disembarkation and baggage collection. 

Each Business Class passenger is given access to LATAM's inflight entertainment system, which is available through the personal 15.4-inch high-resolution screen that is fitted to each seat. 

Passengers can indulge in the airline's inflight menu, which was created by some of South America's most prolific, world-class chefs. Passengers are given the option to order complimentary hot meals and unlimited alcoholic and soft drinks from the menu. 


What are Business Class Seats Like?

LATAM's Business Class seats transform into fully-flat beds with the touch of a button. Each seat has touch control which can be used to change the position of the head, back and foot of the seat to whatever position is desired. 

Business Class seats are fitted with granite cocktail tables and a personal workspace.

The Business Class cabin is set out in a 1 x 2 x 1 formation, giving each passenger direct access to the cabin aisle. Seats are 23-inches wide and — when in a horizontal position — 76 inches in length. Each seat has a touch-control personal shutter, which gives the passenger ultimate privacy from the rest of the cabin.


Primera clase

LATAM doesn't have a First Class cabin.


Avianca In-flight Services

Avianca In-flight Entertainment and Wifi

Avianca provides individual TVs on some of their aircraft where films, TV programmes, music and flight map can be found. However, for the aircraft do not have this service, Avianca has provided an app, called ‘Avianca Entertainment’ which can be downloaded to passengers personal mobiles, computers or tablets where the same entertainment can be accessed.  Avianca provides power outlets for passengers to charge their personal devices. This service is not available on Airbus A318 or Embraer 190 Aircraft. Avianca offers WiFi to passengers in-flight. Prices are displayed once connected to their network, where passengers can choose their payment option.


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You can now pay for flights with Boleto Bancário on Alternative Airlines! Use the search bar above to search flights with LATAM Airlines and select Boleto at checkout. Download your boleto and make your payment at your local bank, Post Office or using your online banking service.


Alternative Airlines to LATAM Airways

Please click on the logos below to find out more about airlines that fly similar routes to LATAM Airlines:


Copa Airlines Logo Avianca Logo LAN Logo Tam Logo



LATAM Airlines Hub Airport 

Aeropuerto Internacional Mariscal Sucre

Mariscal Sucre International Airport is the busiest airport in Ecuador and one of the busiest airports in South America. It is located in the Tababela parish, east of Quito and serves as the largest hub of TAME, the flag carrier of Ecuador, with an average of over 220 weekly flights. Airlines that fly from and to Mariscal Sucre International Airport include Avianca Ecuador (formerly Aerogal) Copa Airlnes, Delta Airlines, Iberia, KLM, United Airlines and Aerolineas.


Aeropuerto Internacional Mariscal Sucre



LATAM Airlines In-flight Entertainment

On LATAM offers an exciting selection of movies, series, songs and daily news on board its aircraft. On planes that are not equipped with individual screens, passengers can download the LATAM Play App.

LATAM Airlines TV

There's a TV show for every taste on board your LATAM flight. Download the LATAM Play app before your flight and stream TV shows directly to your personal device.

LATAM Airlines Movies

Find movies and much more when flying with LATAM. Customers can also download the LATAM Play app to stream content on their mobiles, laptops and tablets.

LATAM Airlines News


7 junio 2018

LATAM Group to add new routes to Europe

LATAM Airlines Group has revealed plans to offer its customers new routes to destinations throughout Europe. As part of a larger strategy growth plan, LATAM will launch a new flight between Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS), Portugal, and São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport (GRU), Brazil, which will begin operations on 3 septiembre 2018. This flight will operate five times a week and carry passengers on a Boeing 767 aircraft. Additionally, LATAM Group will fly between Munich Airport (MUC) and São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport early next year. With these two new routes, nine different European destinations will now be home to LATAM services. 


LATAM Airlines Group CEO, Enrique Cueto, stated with these new flights LATAM continue to give Latin American's more opportunity to see the rest of the world. LATAM has launched 30 new routes since 2016 which have covered a lot of area across the world.


31 mayo 2018

LATAM airlines integrate with Sabre

LATAM Airlines, the parent company of LATAM Airlines Argentina the new brand name for Lan Airlines, has announced that it's in the final stages of integrating in two separate reservations systems into one across its combined carriers.  LATAM and Sabre migrated LATAM Brazil from its legacy reservation system onto LATAM’s SabreSonic passenger services system (PSS).  The well-executed cutover now enables the airline to expand its differentiated yet consistent passenger experience across its entire network. This will allow the LATAM group to grow together, uniting all its airlines and carriers under one industry giant. LATAM will also use a broad portfolio of Sabre solutions to manage its extensive airline operations, such as the pricing and shopping for airline travel ticketing, and day-of-travel operations. LATAM is an important customer for Sabre as, with so many subsidiaries, it is a top priority and a huge undertaking of the company to combine them all under one management system, according to Sabre.


10 mayo 2018

LATAM Airlines group release statistics for abril 2018

Reported by Nasdaq Corporate Solutions, LATAM Airlines Group and its subsidaries recently release a preliminary report with statistics comparing their monthly traffic for abril 2018 and abril 2017. Here are the highlights:


  • The airline group's system passenger traffic saw a 0.8% increase
  • Unfortunately, the group's load factor dropped 0.5%, from 83.9% to 83.4%
  • Capacity rose 1.4%
  • International passenger traffic made up an estimated 60% of the total passenger traffic for the month April


It will be exciting to see how this preliminary report will compare to when the definite numbers are released, presumably later this month or early June.


8 mayo 2018

LATAM Perú Opens Nonstop Route to Machu Picchu

One of the most visited tourist attractions in South America is the ancient Incan citadel of Machu Picchu, built around 1440 BC. For international travelers, getting to Cusco, near where the ruins begin, requires first reaching Lima and connecting to a domestic flight.

LATAM’s local subsidiary, LATAM Perú, just announced that it will expand its operations in Cusco airport and will operate a nonstop flight to and from Santiago de Chile. With three flights per week starting on agosto 15, the aircraft selected for the operation is the 144-seat Airbus A319, which will represent a total of 45,000 seats per year on the route.

“As a part of our effort to offer an unprecedented connectivity in Latin America and to reinforce our commitment with the development of sustainable tourism in the region, we are happy to announce that starting in August we will offer our first international non stop flight to Cusco, Peru’s Imperial City,” said Enrique Cueto, CEO of LATAM Airlines.

“With 24 new routes programmed to start on 2018, we continue bringing the most remote places of the region to the world,” he concluded.LATAM has flown the Lima to Cusco route since 1999, with up to 24 flights per day. From Lima, the carrier offers nonstop flights to 17 destinations within Peru, and 32 cities in Latin America, the U.S., and Europe.

The new route from Santiago to Cusco is the first international flight from the Peruvian city, and with the addition of three new domestic destinations, Pisco, Trujillos, and Iquitos, LATAM will reach eight destinations from the country’s second busiest airport, serving approximately four million passengers per year.


9 abril 2018

LATAM Airlines is the first airline to fly between Israel and Latin America for 6 years

Starting in December, Latam will fly three times a week from Santiago to Tel Aviv via Sao Paulo, ending a 6-year Hiatus. Latin America's largest airline will begin direct operations between the two cities to the joy of frequent flyers. Since El Al Airlines terminated business, passengers have had to take flights which have stopovers in Europe or Africa, increasing the total travel time to at least 18 hours. “This is a unique service for passengers across much of Latin America,” said Jerome Cadier, CEO of Latam Airlines Brazil, which was formed in the 2012 merger of Chile’s LAN and Brazil’s TAM. "No other airline connects Latin America with Israel."


La parada a través de Sao Paulo en esta nueva ruta puede estar influenciada por la comunidad judía 120,000 de Brasil, así como por los peregrinos de la segunda población cristiana más grande del mundo. La etapa Sao Paulo-Tel Aviv tomará 13 horas, con un viaje de regreso de 15 horas. Las tarifas aéreas comenzarán en $ 999. Debido a la mayor eficiencia de los aviones, este viaje es una hora y media más rápido de lo que era cuando El Al voló la ruta hace 4 años, sin embargo, esto también puede ser debido a que, según fuentes de la industria del turismo, el transportista israelí no lo hizo. vuela sobre ciertos países africanos.


21 marzo 2018

LATAM Airlines creates links with Rome, Fiumicino

LATAM Airlines has expanded its European operations by adding Rome Fiumicino (FCO) to its network of services from Sao Paulo Guarulhos( GRU). The Italian capital city joins the oneworld member’s existing services to Milan Malpensa, Madrid, Barcelona, Frankfurt, London Heathrow and Paris CDG. Flown three times weekly, the 767-300-operated service, which commenced on 16 marzo, will face competition from Alitalia, which currently serves the city pair on a nine times weekly basis. A commemoration ceremony was held for the launch of the first flight going the 9424km to Italy. This route will be a passenger service thrice a week from now on. 


5 febrero 2018


Tendencias positivas de los medios para LATAM Airlines

LATAM Airlines Group ha recibido un puntaje de impacto de noticias de 0.31, según los informes de análisis de sentimientos de Accern. La investigación tiene en cuenta más de 20 millones de noticias y artículos de blog en tiempo real para producir una clasificación de inferencias de medios positivos y negativos. Accern clasifica estas inferencias en una escala de - 1 a 1, lo que significa que el puntaje de LATAM es significativamente positivo. ¡Esta es una buena noticia para los accionistas de la compañía!

18 enero 2018

¡Los asistentes de vuelo de LATAM Airlines se casan con el Papa en pleno vuelo!

El Papa Francisco se casó con un par de asistentes de vuelo a bordo de un vuelo desde Santiago de Chile a la capital norteña de Iquique. La pareja, Carlos Ciuffardi y Paola Podest habían planeado casarse el febrero 27 2010 pero un terremoto masivo había devestado a su iglesia local el día de su boda. Mientras el Papa estaba a bordo, todos los asistentes de vuelo pudieron subir y recibir una foto con la figura renovada. 

Cuando el líder de la Iglesia Católica les preguntó si estaban casados, la pareja les informó sobre su espantosa historia. El Pontífice preguntó si les gustaría llevar a cabo una ceremonia en el vuelo y estuvieron de acuerdo sin dudarlo. El pop incluso les regaló a cada uno un rosario para conmemorar la ocasión especial. 


17 noviembre 2018

LATAM Airlines lanza los primeros vuelos programados de Las Vegas-Brasil para lanzar en junio

Los primeros vuelos regulares que conectan Las Vegas y Brasil se lanzarán junio 21, cuando LATAM Airlines ofrezca un servicio estacional ininterrumpido tres veces a la semana, dijeron el lunes las autoridades de la aerolínea. LATAM volará desde el Aeropuerto Internacional McCarran a São Paulo los martes, viernes y domingos para los vuelos de verano hasta agosto. 30, dijo la portavoz del aeropuerto Christine Crews. Los vuelos de vuelta del Aeropuerto Internacional de São Paulo-Guarulhos a Las Vegas serán los lunes, jueves y los sábados.

Además de las tarifas de economía, los aviones de LATAM también tendrán asientos de clase ejecutiva capaces de permanecer acostados, dijeron funcionarios de la aerolínea. El servicio a Las Vegas "refleja nuestro compromiso de evaluar cada oportunidad e invertir en operaciones sostenibles que verdaderamente faciliten y amplíen las opciones de viaje para el cliente", dijo Jerome Cadier, CEO de LATAM Airlines Brasil, en un comunicado.

LATAM Airlines ofrece 1,300 vuelos diarios a 140 aeropuertos, pero Las Vegas será el primer destino de la aerolínea en el oeste de Estados Unidos, dijeron funcionarios del aeropuerto. Brasil es la séptima fuente más grande de visitantes internacionales a Las Vegas, con más de 150,000 viajeros anualmente, dijo la Autoridad de Convenciones y Visitantes de Las Vegas.


17 noviembre 2017

Latam actualiza las rutas

Los 3 vuelos semanales conectan Lima con Salta. Esta ruta ve la llegada de aproximadamente 20,000 turistas por año. LIMA - ROSARIO con 4 vuelos semanales produce 27,000 pasajeros por año. Desde diciembre 15 cinco vuelos diarios entre Buenos Aires -Bogota y desde febrero 17 2018 vuelos Lima-Mendoza


4 octubre 2017

LATAM Airlines enlaza Tucumán y Santiago.

Entre los que cortaron el listón en Tucumán el día del servicio inaugural de LATAM Airlines desde Santiago se encontraban: Walter Andrés Jorge, Gerente Regional de LATAM Airlines (segunda izquierda); Luis Palma Cané, Gerente de Ventas Internas de LATAM Airlines (cuarta izquierda); y Sebastián Giobellina, presidente de Ente Tucumán Tourism (tercera derecha), junto con miembros de la Oficina de Tucumán. LATAM Airlines conectará Santiago con Tucumán tres veces por semana en su flota de los A320s.


LATAM Airlines commenced operations between Santiago (SCL) and Tucuman (TUC) on 2 octubre. The carrier will offer three weekly flights on the 909-kilometre route between the Chilean and Argentinian cities, an airport pair that is currently not offered by any other airline directly. With this launch, LATAM now offers eight routes to Argentina from the Chilean capital, while from Tucuman, Santiago becomes the third route to be flown, with LATAM already linking the city to Lima and Buenos Aires Aeroparque when referring to OAG schedules. 


3 agosto 2017

Código compartido de LATAM Airlines con Qatar

Qatar Airways has announced new codeshare agreement with LATAM Airlines Brazil starting agosto 1, which will provide Qatar Airways passengers with connections to 25 cities throughout Brazil. The agreement provides new codeshares on LATAM’s routes between São Paulo’s Guarulhos Airport and 25 domestic cities across Brazil including Rio de Janeiro (GIG), Salvador (SSA), Campo Grande (CGR), Foz do Iguaçu (IGU) and Recife (REC).

Qatar Airways began flying to Brazil in 2010 with a service from Doha, Qatar, to São Paulo, Brazil, and onwards to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Doha-based airline will commence a new service to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2018.

Akbar Al Baker, Group chief executive, Qatar Airways, said, "We have witnessed significant growing demand between South America to Qatar and beyond. Our new codeshare destinations not only meet that demand, but provide a service for our valued passengers in Doha, and from dozens of destinations globally to new, exciting places to explore in Brazil. With this new codeshare, more than half of LATAM’s domestic destinations in Brazil are accessible to customers flying on Qatar Airways.”

Additionally, Qatar Airways Cargo has also expanded its footprint in South America, with commencement of freighter services to São Paulo, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Quito, Ecuador. Launched in febrero 2017, the new freighter service aims to meet the region’s growing need for import and export trade with the Middle East and Asia.

Part of LATAM Airlines Group LATAM Airlines Brazil serves 44 destinations throughout Brazil, including 25 domestic airports from its hub in São Paulo Guarulhos Airport (GRU), offering seamless connections for Qatar Airways passengers travelling from Doha.

In diciembre 2016, Qatar Airways had purchased a 10 percent stake in Chile's LATAM Airlines Group for USD 608 million. LATAM was created when Chile's LAN took over Brazil's TAM in 2012.


Desde 09 JUL17 hasta 18 AUG17, el servicio general aumentará a 9 semanalmente, con vuelos adicionales atendidos por aviones Boeing 767.


mayo 2017

LATAM Airlines nuevas rutas estacionales.

LATAM Airlines Brasil during peak season plans to increase Sao Paulo Guarulhos – London Heathrow operation, currently served 7 weekly. From 09JUL17 to 18AUG17, overall service will increase to 9 weekly, with additional flights served by Boeing 767 aircraft.


mayo 2017

LATAM Airlines anuncia aumento de asientos

LATAM Airlines announced it will increase seats on flights between Chile and North America and Europe, and add a new route to North America, as it seeks to win regulatory approval for a deal with IAG's British Airways and Iberia and American Airlines Group. The carriers, all members of the Oneworld Alliance, signed a deal in enero 2016 to coordinate flight schedules and prices.


Brasil, Uruguay y Colombia ya aprobaron el acuerdo, con algunas restricciones para asegurar la elección de los pasajeros en América Latina. Se espera que el tribunal de competencia de Chile decida sobre el acuerdo en las próximas semanas. LATAM Airlines también dijo que también tomaría medidas para mantener la competencia en los vuelos entre Santiago y Madrid y Miami.


4 abril 2017

LATAM Airlines flies the A350XWB to France from Brazil

LATAM Airlines, the largest airline group in Latin America, has become the first carrier to operate an Airbus A350XWB from Sao Paulo to Paris Charles de Gaulle. The service is operated daily. Paris is the 3rd destination in Europe, following commenced operations to Madrid and Milan in 2016.


From diciembre 2016, LATAM Airlines is recognised as one of the largest airline groups worldwide due to its extensive connections and with a fleet of 319 passenger aircraft to 133 destinations and 15 cargo services aircraft to 149 destinations in 28 countries. In mayo 2017, LATAM Airlines announced that Spafax has been selected by LATAM Airlines Group to license, curate and deliver inflight entertainment (IFE) programming on its fleet of over 300 aircraft. 


Spafax will add to LATAM’s award-winning onboard experience with an innovative selection of films, television, music and original programming. Spafax Group companies already have a 14-year relationship with LATAM and this new agreement will mark the next chapter in this collaboration.