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Cheap Flights for May Half Term


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Cheap Flights for May Half Term 2023

Planning to go away for May half term 2023? After 2 years of COVID restrictions, if you're a teacher or looking to go away with your family and kids, the May half term might be the first opportunity you've had for a well-deserved holiday.

At Alternative Airlines, we offer flights from more than 600 airlines worldwide — and at great prices too. So, whether you're looking to relax on a sunny beach in Cancun, take a short break in Europe or anything in between, we'll always give you lots of cheap flight options for the summer half term.

Sometimes, how you pay can be as important as what you pay. Our site has more than 40 different ways to pay, including buy now, pay later and financing options that help you budget for your trip.

Looking for flights in May outside of May half term? We also offer lots of great cheap flight options for the whole month of May.

Plane wing flying over mountains

Buy Cheap Flights for May Half Term 2023 with Alternative Airlines

With it being a popular time of the year to fly, it's well-known that airlines put flight prices up flying during the half term. Whether it's the summer half term in May or the autumn half term October, it's expected that you'll have to pay a little more than you would at most other times in the year.

But, don't worry! That doesn't mean that you still can't find a good deal.

Our site allows you to quickly and easily find flights from a wide range of airlines. And, we have some really handy ways that you can find the cheapest flights, without having to look for them yourself.


Tips for Booking Cheap Flights in May Half Term 2023

Use our calendar to find the cheapest days to fly on during half-term

The dates that you fly on can have a big impact on the price of your flight. If you're planning to go on holiday for a full week, you might find that travelling Friday to Friday is more expensive than Sunday to Sunday (or vice versa). Or, you might find that cutting off or extending your holiday by one day reduces the cost of your flights.

Searching and checking the prices for each different date is a massive hassle. That's why our calendar shows the cheapest dates to fly on before you've searched.

How does it work? It's simple:

Dates in green = the cheapest dates to fly on

Dates in yellow = mid-range priced flights

Dates in red = most expensive dates to fly on


Alternative Airlines Cheapest Flights Calendar

Sort your search by the lowest price

Once you've decided on when you to fly during the May half term, you can sort your search so that the lowest priced flights appear at the top.

This will make it really easy to see what the cheapest prices are without having to scroll through all the different flights.

Sort by cheapest flight filter on Alternative Airlines search results (JFK-LHR)

Lowest price by airline

You can also easily search for the cheapest flight per airline.

By clicking on one of the logos on the banner at the top of the screen, we'll show you flights from the airline that you've selected, with the cheapest prices at the top.

This is perfect if there's a certain airline that you like flying on. Or, if you want to quickly compare the cheapest flight one each airline.

Alternative Airlines Cheapest Flight Airlines Banner

Buy Now, Pay Later

As we mentioned earlier — how you pay can be as important as what you pay.

Buy now, pay later is proof of that! Although it won't actually make the price of your flight cheaper. It can make your flight much affordable.

What is buy now, pay later? Buy now, pay later is a payment option that allows you to spread the cost of your flights over time. You can choose to pay back the cost in either monthly or fortnightly instalments. It's perfect if you want to confirm your flight today but don't have the funds to or don't want to pay back the rest of it until a later date.

In the UK, we offer buy now, pay later options through Klarna and Zip.


How to Find and Book Cheap Flights for the May Half Term

Finding cheap flights in the May half term is really easy, here's what you need to do:


Select where you want to fly between and the dates in the summer half-term that you want to travel on (don't forget to use our cheapest date calendar!). Then, search for flights.


Alternative Airlines Search Form LGW-AGP 25.05.22–04.06.22


We'll show you all the available flights for your chosen dates and destinations. From here, you can either sort by lowest price or click on one of the airline logos at the top of the screen to see the cheapest flights for that specific airline.

Alternative Airlines Flight Search Results LGW-AGP 25.08.22–04.06.22


Once you've selected your flight, all that's left to do is fill out the passenger details for your flight, select a payment option and pay!

As mentioned, we've got some great payment options on offer that can help you better budget and make it easier to pay off your flight.

Checkout page Alternative Airlines as of 13.08.21


Where can I fly?

You can fly anywhere in the world with Alternative Airlines. We offer flights from more than 600 airlines worldwide. So, pack your bags, the possibilities are endless...

Cheap Flights to Spain

London (LGW) ➡ Alicante (ALC) — return flights from £86 GBP.

London (LGW) ➡ Tenerife (CUN) — return flights start at £110 GBP.

London (LHR) ➡ Malaga (CUN) — return flights start at £82 GBP.

Cheap Flights to Turkey

London (LHR) ➡ Istanbul (IST) — indirect round trip flights start at £139 GBP.

Manchester (MAN) ➡ Antalya (AYT) — direct round trip flight prices from £330 GBP.

London (DEN) ➡ Las Vegas (LAS) — direct return flights from $£265 GBP.

Cheap Flights to Dubai

London (LGW) ➡ Dubai (DXB) — return flights start from £320 GBP.

Birmingham (BHX) ➡ Dubai (DXB) – return flights from £386 GBP.

Edinburgh (EDI) ➡ Dubai (DXB) — return flights from £430 GBP.

Cheap Flights to New York

London (LGW) ➡ New York (JFK) — non-stop return flights from £382 GBP.

Manchester (MAN) ➡ New York (JFK) — non-stop return flights from £500 GBP.

Edinburgh (EDI) ➡ New York (JFK) — return flights from £396 GBP.

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