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Unfortunately, Miami Air International ceased operations in 2020. Use our search form to search for routes that Miami Air International flew. Or, check out these alternative airlines:

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Miami Air International was a US airline that offered global charter flights. The airline was based at Miami International Airport (MIA) and flew both domestic and international routes. As a charter airline, the airline didn't have any set destinations that it flew to but commonly flew around and out of the US.

Miami Air international was best known for transporting professional and college-level sports teams, government and military officials, entertainers and on the behalf of cruise operators.

The airline was founded in 1990 and for 30 years prided itself in offering a luxury fight experience that was entirely tailored to the needs of its passengers. To start with, the airline usually only flew out of Miami but as it grew and became more popular in the US, it expanded to fly all over the country. By the time that it ceased operations, Miami Air International had grown in popularity enough to fly all around the world. The airline could be used to fly between practically any two destinations in the world, both inside and outside of North America.

Miami Air International offered total flexibility on their flights and could provide a service that met any demands. One of the best examples of this is its customisable seating configuration — the airline had various different seating combinations that it could customise depending on what its passengers wanted. On each plane, the airline held 68 First Class seats and 168 luxury Economy Class seats and passengers could request for a number of different layouts for their seats.

The airline achieved some impressive accomplishments in its time of flying. Most notably, it flew 4,000 soldiers of the US military out to the Middle East on a single day. And, more recently, became the first airline within the US to transport passengers with COVID-19 as an air ambulance.

Miami Air International ceased operations in marzo 2020 after it filed for bankruptcy. Although it stopped flying during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the airline's bankruptcy is not thought to be directly caused by the pandemic.


As a charter airline, Miami Air International didn't have any set scheduled destinations. At the peak of its popularity, the airline could fly for anyone and between any two destinations in the world. Although, commonly, it would fly around and out of the US.


The baggage allowance for each passenger was agreed on upon finalising the price for the flight. Miami Air International was able to carry generous amounts of baggage for each passenger, however, the more baggage needed, the more it would cost passengers.

Clase Económica

Miami Air International had an Economy Class cabin that could be configured to meet the needs of passengers. The Economy Class seating configuration was cheaper than the First Class but still offered a luxury service that was much improved on what passengers would expect from Economy Class on a scheduled flight.

The service could be tailored to provide anything that passengers might need.


Seats were made from genuine leather and set out in a 3 x 3 configuration. The airline had the capacity to carry 168 Economy Class passengers.

Primera clase

The First Class cabin was the most luxurious service that Miami Air International offered. The service was totally customisable, with First Class seats, gourmet meal options and various other benefits and add-ons.


First Class seats offered maximum comfort and were set out in a 1 x 1, 1 x 2 or 2 x 2 configuration. The airline had the capacity to carry 68 First Class passengers.

Entretenimiento en vuelo

The airline could arrange in-flight entertainment for passengers, ranging from video and music entertainment to games and team building entertainment.

Food and Drink

The airline offered food and drink services of all kinds, meeting the demands of passengers. Miami Air International could provide gourmet meals, specialised nutrition for professional athletes or — if passengers wanted something more simple — a basic in-flight beverage service.

Información de registro


There was no online check-in for this airline.


Check-in had to be completed at the airport. The airline had a VIP check-in process that was in a separate part of the airport to scheduled airlines. For passengers that wanted ultimate privacy at the airport, the airline could arrange a discreet check-in process that was situated completely away from the general public.

Aeropuerto Principal

Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport (MIA) is the main international airport in Miami, Florida and was the hub airport for Miami Air International. The airline used Miami International as its main hub for the entire time that it flew. The airline originally flew out of Miami International exclusively, however, as it grew as a charter airline, the airline flew from and between various other airports and didn't use Miami airport towards the end of its run as much as it did at the beginning.

The only other airline that uses Miami International as a hub at the moment is American Airlines. Although, there are plenty of other airlines that fly to/from the airport, including Aruba Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, Sun Country and many more.