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About Mokulele Airlines

Mokulele Airlines is Hawaii's number one inter-island airline island with daily flights to 5 Hawaiian islands, alongside flights between Los Angeles (LAX) and Imperial County Airport. The airline operates from the US state of Hawaii and based in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. Mokulele Airlines, which began the first commercial operation out of Kalaeloa Airport with great fanfare just over two years ago, has pulled the plug on the short-lived experiment after continuing losses.

The state’s third-largest airline, which operates nine-seat Cessna Grand Caravan turboprops, operated its last flight out of the West Oahu airport on Sept. 6. At the time it shut down, the airline was flying four flights a day from Kalaeloa to Hoolehua, Molokai, with a connection to Kahului, Maui, along with the return legs of those flights.

The airline originally flew four flights a day from Kalaeloa to Hoolehua, Molokai, with a connection to Kahului, Maui, along with the return legs of those flights. Mokulele still operates out of Honolulu International Airport as well as seven other airports around the state: Kona and Kamuela/Waimea on Hawaii island; Kapalua, Hana and Kahului on Maui; and Hoolehua and Kalaupapa on Molokai. Now, with its new service in Santa Maria, the airline will offer four daily flights to LAX.

In febrero 2019, Southern Airways Express announced that it had acquired Mokulele Airlines from its current owner. After a short transition period, the airline will cease to operate and Southern Airways Express will take over all of its flights.



Mokulele Airlines Baggage

Carry-on Baggage

Carry-on baggage is subject to a maximum outside dimention of 22" width x 14" height x 9" length and a maximum weight of 15lbs.

Checked Baggage

The maximum outside dimensions for checked items is 30" width x 15" height x 45" length and a maximum weight of 70kbs.

Surfboards, fishing poles. and other irregular shaped items longer than 6ft  8 inches will not be accepted.


Mokulele Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Mokulele Airlines offers a frequent flyer program called 'Imi Loa to reward its passengers for travelling with the airline.

No matter which island you choose, or whatever activities and destinations call to you, Mokulele Airlines is your ticket to explore many of the most remarkable places on earth all within 45 minutes of each other.



Mokulele Airlines News

29 junio 2018

Mokulele Airlines announce Volcano tours!

Molukulele airlines have announced that they will now offer air tours of the Big Island volcanoes and the picturesque region of Molokai. Don't worry about the noise though! Mokulele will provide you with noise-cancelling headphones. 


23 mayo 2018

State to rename and renumber gates and baggage claims at HNL

The Hawaii Department of Transportation has decided to rename and renumber all the gates and all the baggage claim areas at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. 

The project, to prepare for expansion of the airport, will require the manufacture of 3,100 signs, the first time signage has been updated in more than 25 years.

The current gate numbers, which rise east to west from the domestic terminal to the international terminal to the interisland terminal, will be replaced with A1, A2 and so on on the interisland sign, with new sequences starting with B (a future gate area), C (where Hawaiian has many of its transpacific flights), and so on, up to G and H at a future Terminal 3.

“The new numbering and identification coincides with our efforts to modernize HNL and make our signage more consistent with other airports," said Hawaii Department of Transportation Director Jade Butay, in a statement. "Ultimately it will make the entire facility more efficient and user friendly, while allowing for future expansion."

Baggage claim areas will shed their letter designations in favor of simple numbers, again starting on the interisland side.

Numbers are reserved for future expansion.

Also, the interisland terminal will be identified as Terminal 1 (Hawaiian Airlines), overseas terminal as Terminal 2 (all other islands) and the commuter terminal as Terminal 3 (Mokulele Airlines). Terminal 3 will be located on the Diamond Head side of the airport.

New digital signs will also be installed over roadways, directing people the airline lobbies and check-in counters.

“The new signs will help the traveling public navigate the airport more effectively and is a precursor for future improvements, while giving the airport a fresh new look,” said Blaine Miyasato, co-chair of the Airlines Committee Hawaii, in a statement. “During the transition, airline and airport employees will direct passengers to their respective gates and baggage claim areas to ensure a smooth transition.”

The new numbering system will be implemented on junio 1, 2018.