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Pay for your flights with MyBank

Buy your airline tickets with Alternative Airlines using MyBank as a payment option.

Purchase Flights with MyBank

Book Flights with Mybank

Paying for your flights using MyBank is simple and easy, all you need to do is search for flights from over 600 airlines and then select MyBank as your payment option at the checkout.


MyBank is an Italian electronic payment system and is used throughout Europe.

MyBank ensures safe digital payments and identity authentication through customers own online banking portal or mobile application. It creates a direct link between a customer’s online bank account and the online business’s bank which removes the need to collect and store personal data.

Customer identity and confidential data are protected. Immediate authorisation of payments reduces the risk of fraud and charge-backs. With MyBank, trust and confidence in online transactions are increased.

MyBank has more than 40 million clients with credit cards.

What are the benefits of using MyBank?

  • You can access your money for online payments from your own personal bank account.
  • Your payment is guaranteed to be accepted.
  • Your sensitive data and digital identity are protected by your personal bank.
  • Payment is completed instantly with MyBank.
  • You don't need to create new accounts or passwords as you can just use your online bank account anywhere, on any device, all across Europe.

How does MyBank work?

  1. Search for flights using this search bar and select your flight on the results page.
  2. You will now get the option to select MyBank under payment options.
  3. You should now be able to select your bank and sign in to your online banking and review the pre-filled payment information.
  4. Your payment has now been successfully completed and your order for flight tickets will be processed.


Is making an online payment with MyBank safe?

Online payment with MyBank is completely safe. There are currently over 40 million people using MyBank as a payment option. Banking security is at the heart of MyBank. MyBank allows you to use your own secure online bank account, it doesn't give the payee your personal information such as bank details, or payment information and you don't need to register, create an account or remember new passwords. Instant authorisation of payments with MyBank decreases the risk of fraud and charge-backs. Trust and confidence in online payment with MyBank are increased.

Who can use MyBank?

MyBank is Pan-European which means you can make a MyBank payment throughout Europe.

What Travel website accepts MyBank?

Alternative Airlines is an online travel agent that accepts MyBank! We can guarantee that MyBank is a safe and secure way to make a purchase; we offer this payment options like MyBank so that our travellers can select from a number of different payment options they would like to use.

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