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Obike Air is a new proposed airline, backed by Nigerian visionary and CEO of The Obike group, Ifeanyi Obike (whose net-worth by 2030 is predicted to stand at 48.7 billion USD). Ifeanyi Obike, who is currently promoting his ambitions to spark investment, has stated that he envisions Obike Air being a global airline. Obike hopes that his airline will be able to rival existing global carriers such as British Airways, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, and Virgin Atlantic.

The announcement from Obike comes as air travel around the world begins to resume following the global Coronavirus pandemic, which put the brakes on international travel. Obike is one entrepreneur who hopes to use disruption faced by existing carriers as an opportunity to step into the ring.

Obike has expressed interest in Boeing 747s and 787s, so these may be the aircraft chosen to launch operations with.

Obike Air Update

Obike Air is in the very early stages of startup. As of mayo 2021, there is very limited information that has been announced. In the meantime, you can take a look at our list of alternative airlines below.


Destinos Internacionales

Obike Air is still in very early stages, and is currently trying to raise investment. It has yet to announce what destinations it hopes to fly to, other than it's ambitions to be a global carrier.

Equipaje permitido

Equipaje Facturado

Details for checked baggage allowance has yet to be announced.

Due to international health and safety regulations, checked baggage cannot weigh over 32kg. When book flights through Alternative Airlines, excess baggage can be added on to your booking.

Equipaje de Mano

The airline is still in very early stages of startup, and has not yet announced what the carry-on baggage allowance will be yet.

Carry-on baggage will need to fit in the overhead lockers and under the seat in front. In all instances, no prohibited items can be in carry-on baggage. Prohibited items found by airport security or by the immigration department upon the arrival airport may be confiscated.

Información de registro

Check-In Online

It has not yet been announced whether online check-in will be available.

Check-in en el aeropuerto

The airline has yet to publish an announcment regarding recommended check-in times. However, passengers are always recommended arrive as early as possible, usually about 2 hours before scheduled departure for international flights.

Tarifas de clase

Obike Air hasn't yet announced what cabin classes (Economy, Premium, or Business, for example) will be available for passengers, nor what the onboard experience will be like.


Although yet to be confirmed, Obike has expressed an interest in Boeing 747s and 787s. These are popular aircraft used by airlines around the world, including British Airways and Lufthansa, especially for long-haul international operations. The Boeing 747 is a large, wide-body jet airliner, which is spacious and comfortable and usually configured to offer multiple cabin class options.

Aeropuerto Principal

The airline has yet to announce where it will have it's hub airport. Obike Air will likely be a Nigerian registered airline, so may have it's primary operating base in Nigeria.

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