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Red Eye Flights

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  • 65,000 clientes satisfechos
  • Calificado con 4.5 estrellas. Basado en 3,581 calificaciones de servicio durante el año pasado
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Red Eye Flight Tickets

Use the red eye filter and make a red eye flight reservation with Alternative Airlines. Alternative Airlines give flight options for a wide range of different airlines.

What are Red Eye Flights?

Red eye flight icon

A red eye flight is a flight that departs late at night and arrives early in the morning, the following day. Red eye flights are most commonly used by business travellers who want to travel overnight as to not miss a working day. The term 'red eye' comes from when passengers eyes turn red from tiredness after late night or early morning travel. 

Find red eye flights on Alternative Airlines by using our search bar at the top of the page. Red eye flights typically have a journey time of between four—six hours, but with Alternative Airlines you can easily search for red eye airline tickets for journey length is best suited to you!


Use our search bar at the top of the page to start searching red eye flights, with a choice from over 600 airlines.

How to book red eye flights?

Finding red eye flights at Alternative Airlines is super easy. Just follow these five simple steps. 


Fill out the Alternative Airlines search form:

1. Choose a return, one way or multi-city/open jaw search
2. Enter the airports you want to fly between
3. Enter the dates you want to fly on
4. Select the number of travellers and preferred cabin class
5. Click 'search flights' 

Alternative Airlines Flight Search LAX–JFK 12/10/19–14/10/19


All flights available will be displayed in relation to your search. Navigate to the set out of filters on the left hand of screen.

Alternative Airlines flight search results page LAX–JFK 12/10/19–14/10/19


Scroll down until you find the 'Experience' tab. This is where you'll find our handy red eye flight filter. Click on the 'Experience' tab to expand it. 

Alternative Airlines 'experience' filter tab


Once you've expanded the 'Experience', click on the filter titled 'Show red eye flights'. 

Show red eye flights filter Alternative Airlines


There you have it! Now fares that have a red eye flight on will be displayed at least one leg of the journey, as highlighted in red. 

To give you the most option, our red eye flight filter will display any flight that departs after 6pm and lands after 12am the following day. 

Alternative Airlines search results with red eye flights filter on

Red Eye Flight

Getting to sleep on a plane can sometimes be difficult. Here are some tips and items that you can bring on a red eye flight that will keep you well-rested upon arrival. 

Comfortable Clothing

Leave the suit wear in your case. Feeling restricted in your clothes can really reduce your chances of getting off to sleep while flying. We suggest wearing loose clothing — a t-shirt or hoodie with sweatpants, jeans or even shorts. The key is to dress in whatever you most feel comfortable.

Invest in some in-flight accessories

Whether it's a sleep mask, earplugs, a warm blanket or a travel pillow, having the appropriate in-flight accessories can make all the difference in helping you rest on your red eye flight.

Pre-book your seat

Pre-booking your seat will give you the opportunity to choose a window seat and eliminate the risk of other passengers waking you up if they need to get past you. Window seats also give you control over the window-shutters, so you can make sure that you're not woken up by light coming into the plane upon sunrise. Additionally, some airlines offer seats with extra leg-room available to pre-book for an extra fee.
Top tip: Choose to sit near the emergency doors. These seats have more space than other seats on the aircraft and usually cost the same price!

Take a look at how to pre-book seats with Alternative Airlines.

Fly Business or First Class

Because of their late departure and early arrival, red eye flights are often cheaper than flights scheduled for departure at other times in the day. This means you might be able to afford to spend the extra money on flying in Business Class or First Class, which is undoubtedly the best way to ensure a good nights sleep on a red eye flight.

Red eye flights advantages


Here are some of the benefits of red eye flights:

Cheaper fares

Because of their unusual flight times, red eye flights are often cheaper than flights at other times of the day and will save you money! Paying with PayPal also helps to quickly secure a red eye flight conveniently and safely when you are on the go.

Saves money on accommodation

As you're flying overnight, red eye flights act as both transportation and accommodation! Buying a red eye flight is a far cheaper option than arriving in the evening and staying in a hotel for the night.

Fewer delays

Airlines don't operate as many flights at night. This means that there are generally fewer delays on late-night and red eye flights.

Better experience at the airport

Because the airport is less busy at night, check-in, baggage drop, boarding and baggage claim is much more time efficent than at other times of the day.

Enjoy a complete first day

Arriving at your destination first thing in the morning allows you to enjoy a full day ahead. Flying in the day means that you will spend half of your day travelling. And even early morning flights can take up the majority of your morning.



Popular Red Eye Flight Routes

The most popular red eye flight routes are domestic flights within the USA. The most common include those that fly between the East Coast and West Coast with US domestic carriers. As an example, many people book red eye flights from Los Angeles to New York on airlines such as American Airlines, Delta and Alaska Airlines


With Alternative Airlines you can book red eye flights to anywhere in the world. Whether its domestic flights from one part of the country to another, or a red eye flight that travels across continents.

Red Eye Flight

What is a red eye flight?

A red eye flight is a flight that departs late at night and arrives early in the next morning, the following day. The term 'red eye' comes from the colour your eyes turn when you're tired from overnight travel. 

Are red eye flights cheaper?

Yes. Red eye flights are usually cheaper. Because of their obscure flight times, red eye flights are usually less in-demand. Therefore, airlines offer red eye flight tickets at a cheaper price as an incentive for passengers to book flights during these off-peak hours. Use the search bar at the top of the page and sort by 'lowest price' to see cheap red eye flights.

Are red eye flights safe?

Yes, of course red eye flights are safe! There's no difference between red eye flights and a flight at any other time of the day. Pilots and cabin crew are fully trained to operate red eye flights and are put on shift patterns that are designed to help their body clock adjust to overnight flying.

Are red eye flights less crowded?

Red eye flights are often less crowded than flights during the day due to them being scheduled at off-peak times. However, you may find that popular red eye flight routes, such as Boston to Chicago, will be more crowded than other red eye flight routes.

Which airlines offer red eye flights?

There are many different airlines that offer red eye flights. You can find red eye airline tickets and make a red eye flight reservation with Alternative Airlines by selecting your chosen route and searching for flights on the search bar at the top page. Alternative Airlines offer red eye flights from over 600 airlines!

Can I finance red eye flights?

Yes, you can begin financing your flight tickets at the check out, after applying the red eye filter during your flight search. Select either Affirm to apply for a loan or PayPal Credit if you are in the U.S or PayBright (Canada only) to spread the cost of red eye flights over time.

Are red eye flights better?

It depends on what your reason for travelling is. Red eye flights are often better for business travellers, as it allows for them to fly overnight and not miss a working day. Red eye flights are also better for those looking for a cheaper fare and don't mind flying overnight, as a red eye flight is generally cheaper than a flight at a normal time of the day. You may also be interested in a commuter flight, a flight which travels in the early morning from your small hometown regional airport to your work destination in a hub.

Red eye flights to
Las Vegas

We offer a great selection of airlines that fly red-eye from the east coast to the west coast and land at McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas.

From New York

Airlines such as Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, JetBlue and Delta offer red eye flights from New York-JFK to McCarran International. 

From Philadelphia

American Airlines, Frontier, Southwest and Spirit Airlines all offer red eye flights to Las Vegas from Philadelphia International Airport. 

From Washington

Airlines that fly red eye from Washington.DC include American AirlinesFrontier and United Airlines. Frontier and United Airlines airlines fly from Washington-Dulles International Airport to McCarran International Airport. Whereas American Airlines flies from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport to McCarran International Airport. 


There are a wide range of domestic and international flights you can catch the "red-eye" on.

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