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Ryanair Sun has rebranded to Buzz, effective enero 2020. However, you can still search for and book flights with Buzz by using our flight search tool. To find out more about Buzz, visit our dedicated airline page.

About Ryanair Sun

Ryanair Sun is a Polish airline, which was set up in 2017 by Irish airline group, Ryanair. Like the rest of the airlines within the group, it was announced that Ryanair Sun would also operate as a low-cost or 'no frills' airline. Ryanair Group announced in 2019 that they intended to rebrand the airline from Ryanair Sun into Buzz and would adopt a new corporate identity, branding and livery but still operating as a low-cost airline and continue offering their current products and services. In 2020 the newly rebranded airline began operations.

The airline has numerous bases of operations within Poland servicing a host of cities within the country and operates both Buzz and Ryanair mainline services. Some of the airline's destinations include Bratislava, Budapest, Prague, Sofia and many more. Ryanair Sun uses a single type of aircraft like the rest of the airline group, with both the Boeing 737-800 and 737 Max 8 being in current operation and further Max 8s on order. The airline offers an economy only product, however, they have numerous ticket types offering greater benefits, at a price!


Ryanair Sun began operations as a charter airline for Polish tour operators and the wider Ryanair Group, however, the airline now operates flights on behalf of Ryanair as well as some scheduled flights. When booking your ticket Ryanair will note whether it is a Ryanair service or a Buzz operated one. Since the rebrand, some of the destinations serviced include the following:

Destinos Nacionales

País CITY Aeropuerto
Poland Gdańsk Gdańsk Airport
Poland Katowice Katowice International Airport
Poland Kraków Kraków Airport
Poland Poznań Poznań Airport
Poland Warsaw Warsaw Chopin Airport
Poland Warsaw Warsaw Modlin Airport
Poland Wrocław Wrocław Airport

Destinos Internacionales

País CITY Aeropuerto
Czech Republic Prague Prague Airport
Bulgaria Sofía Sofia Airport
Hungary Budapest Budapest Airport

Equipaje permitido

Hand Baggage

Ryanair Sun only offers 1 small personal item as part of your free cabin allowance. This personal item must fit under the seat in front of you and should not exceed 40x20x25cm. If you require more hand baggage then this can be purchased with the next ticket type. Purchasing '\regular' or 'Flexi-plus' tickets then you are allowed to bring one cabin case which should not exceed 10kg and must fit within the 55x40x20cm size guides. You can also bring a small personal item which like the rules of the value ticket must be stored under the seat in front of you and should fit within the 40x20x25cm allowance. If your item(s) of cabin baggage doesn't meet the specified rules then you may incur an extra charge or be required to check this in as hold luggage.

Equipaje Facturado

Checked luggage isn't automatically included with Ryanair Sun and is an additional product you have to purchase if needed. Only the airlines 'Plus' fare type includes a 20kg checked baggage as standard. All other ticket types don't include a suitcase and must be purchased separately. The airline offers 2 types of checked baggage options to choose from, either 10kg or 20kg. You can easily add a piece of checked luggage when booking your flight with Alternative Airlines

Clase Económica

The airline only offers an economy class product across their entire fleet, being 3x3 across and a seat pitch of 30" and width of 17", it may be recommended if you would prefer more legroom to spread out to purchase the extra legroom seats in row 1 and the emergency exit rows. The airline offers 4 different ticket types each offering a different range of additional benefits. However, none of these tickets includes inflight catering, this is something that can be purchased on board, check the 'Get Away Cafe' menu for more details. You are also able to purchase duty-free during your flight, members of cabin crew will come through the aircraft offering this, check the 'Runway' magazine for more details.


Value is the airline's basic ticket and only includes 1 personal item as standard. Any additional services must be paid for.


If you have purchased a regular ticket then you will receive 1 personal item as well as 1 cabin case, priority boarding and free seat selection.


Plus tickets allow you to bring 1 checked bag up to 20kg as well as 1 personal item a reserved seat and the option to either check-in online or check-in at the airport free of charge. Both Value and Regular tickets only allow free online check-in.


Flex-Plus tickets are great if you think your plans might change and need a ticket with some flexibility. You can change your departure time, departure airport and destination either +1 or -1 day from the original booking free of charge. You are also able to reserve any seat onboard, including extra legroom seats. 2 items of cabin baggage with the same rules and stipulations as set out in the Regular fare type. You also receive free airport security fast track and free airport check-in, perfect for the business traveller.


Family-plus is a ticket type aimed at families travelling with the airline. It allows you free seat reservations for infants, reduced infant fees and 50% off of travel insurance (for children). You can also enjoy being able to bring 1 checked bag up to 20kg, as well as 1 10kg checked bag. 2 pieces of infant equipment such as a babies buggy is also included in this ticket type as well as 1 5kg baby bag, to be brought on the aircraft.


Ryanair Sun doesn't have wi-fi installed on its aircraft and hasn't expressed interest to install this in the future.

Información de registro

If you have selected the airline's Value and Regular ticket types then you can only check-in online. If you would rather check in at the airport then you will be charged a fee for doing so. If you have luggage to check-in you can still do this online and then head to the bag drop at the airport free of charge. For Plus and Flexi-Plus then you can either check-in online or once you arrive at the terminal free of charge.

Programa de viajero frecuente

Buzz and the wider Ryanair Group doesn't currently have a frequent flyer program.

Airline Alliances

Buzz Airlines is not a member of any national or international airline alliance, however, it has strong partnerships with other member airlines within the Ryanair Group Including Ryanair.

Aeropuerto Principal

Ryanair Sun doesn't have a hub airport as it operates out of multiple cities within Poland and surrounding countries. However, a large proportion of the airline's services arrive or depart out of Warsaw-Modlin Airport. The airline has operating bases in Bratislava, Budapest, Gdansk, Katowice, Kaunas, Krakow, Poznan, Prague, Sofia, Vilnius, Warsaw and Wroclaw.


The airline operates an all Boeing fleet with 2 models, both falling under the 737 family. As of noviembre 2021 Ryanair Sun (Now Buzz) has 46 B737-800 and 5 B737-Max 8 with a further 10 on order.

Alternative Airlines

Europe has multiple airlines which directly compete against Ryanair Sun, Easyjet and Wizz Air are both low-cost carriers operating similar routes in the area. LOT Polish Airlines and the Lufthansa Group are also airlines offering a more premium product you can choose to travel with over Ryanair Sun.

EasyJet Logo Wizz Air logo Lot Polish Airlines Logo

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