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Book your flights today through Alternative Airlines, and pay back the cost over time with Sezzle. Use this guide to discover how you can choose Sezzle at checkout to pay back later.

Buy Cheap Flights using Sezzle

Spread the cost of your flights and make it more affordable using Sezzle when you book through Alternative Airlines.

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Be confident that you're flights are reserved, without the pressure of having to pay the full cost today. Search for flights from over 600 global airlines with Alternative Airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Norwegian, British Airways, Emirates, and Qatar Airways, and Qantas. Then, select Sezzle at check-out to spread the total cost of your flights.

What is Sezzle?

Sezzle is a payment solution from the United States operating both domestically and in Canada. Sezzle offers the choice for you to pay for your flights in a period of time, paying just 25% in the first payment and a fraction of the cost after that with zero interest rate. Depending on the payment plan that you are approved for, your financing plan is usually six weeks long and there will be a payment reminder sent through to you before the payment due date.

Key Points

Sezzle lets you split the entire cost of your flights. In most instances, you'll be able to break the cost into 4 interest-free payments, which are equally split and paid over 6 weeks. Your payments will be split like this:

The first installment (25%) is taken when you make your purchase

The second payment (25%) is taken in week 2

The third payment (25%) is taken in week 4

The final payment (25%) is taken in week 6

If you pay on time, there are absolutely no fees, and zero impact to your credit.

How to buy flights with Sezzle

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Sezzle is only available to customers who are over 18 years old and have a phone number from either the United States or Canada.

Follow the steps below to complete your flight booking through Alternative Airlines using Sezzle:

  • 1

    Use the search bar at the top of the page to begin searching for flights. Choose from over 600 global airlines!

  • 2

    Enter your passenger details, then select Sezzle as your payment method. Log-in or register an account with Sezzle to proceed and Sezzle will approve your payment method.

  • 3

    Once approved by Sezzle, you'll be able to book your flights straight away.

  • 4

    We will send you your e-ticket once your booking is confirmed.

Sezzle Flights

Sezzle is a popular payment method in the U.S., that lets shoppers make purchases online and split the total cost into four equal payments, which are paid back over 6 weeks. The first 25% is paid at the time of booking, with the remaining three payments made once every fortnight for the following three months. One of the top reasons why our customers love Sezzle is that, if you make your payments on time, there is absolutely no interest, nor any hidden fees. You’ll only pay the price you see when you checkout. 100% transparency, with full support from Sizzle's dedicated support team.

When your order is placed, Sezzle will pay us (Alternative Airlines) in-full for your flight booking immediately, which means we can process your booking just like if you had paid them in full! You will then pay Sezzle the further installments over the following weeks.

Why buy flights using Sezzle?

Sezzle is a fantastic option to break the cost of your flights into more manageable chunks. Flights aren’t always cheap, but need to be booked before you can book your hotel and begin to excited about planning the rest of your vacation. And, we all know that the cost of flights can go up in price as the departure date gets closer. So, by choosing Sezzle, you can book your flights today and be reassured that your flights are confirmed, but without the pressure of having to pay the full amount upfront. Sezzle will spread the cost by breaking it into four equal payments, with 0% interest charged and no hidden fees.

Buy air travel tickets with Sezzle FAQs

How can I use Sezzle to pay for flights?

You can buy flights using Sezzle by selecting Sezzle at checkout. After selecting Sezzle, you will be asked to log-in to your account or create an account with Sezzle to proceed. Once your payment plan is approved, your flights will be confirmed. You will only need to pay 25% at the time of booking, while knowing that your flights are confirmed. Then you can begin to get excited about your vacation! It works on airlines such as WestJet, Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge and Flair Airlines.

How many months do my flights have to be paid back in?

This depends on the payment plan that you've been approved for, your payment could spread over at least six weeks from the point of purchase. Don't worry, they will notify you about your payment due dates and you can check it on your account too!

Will there be a late fee applied on overdue payments?

Yes, Sezzle will charge for a late fee if the due payment isn't paid in time, but there isn't any hidden fee as they will show you a cost breakdown.

Is there a chance I won't be approved?

It's possible that your loan won't be approved as they take many factors into account including your credit score, the funds in your bank account, the transaction's value and many more.

Will using Sezzle impact my credit score?

Sezzle will take a look at your credit score as part of a risk check. However, this is referred to as a 'soft check', and does not have an impact on your credit score. Sezzle will use this information to verify your identity and help approve you for a payment plan.

Is Sezzle available outside of the US?

Yes, this payment gateway is also available in Canada and for those who have a U.S or Canada phone number.

Can I pay for my flights later using Canadian Dollars?

Yes, you can pay for flights using Canadian Dollars! As well as being available in the U.S., Sezzle is also available for Canadian nationals, who can checkout using either U.S. Dollars or Canadian Dollars.

Can I use Sezzle to pay for domestic flights within the US?

Yes! You can buy domestic U.S flights with Alternative Airlines as we offer flights from over 600 airlines including Sun Country Airlines, Allegiant Air, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Delta Air Lines and many more. Start searching for your next flight using our search form on the top of the page.

Can Sezzle be used on non-US carriers?

Yes, you can pay for your travel with Sezzle as long as you are over 18 and have a valid phone number from the United States or Canada.

Can Sezzle be used on international flights?

Yes, you can buy international flights with Alternative Airlines using Sezzle as long as your loan is approved by Sezzle.

When do I need to pay back?

This depends on the payment plan that you've been approved for, you can always check that on your account and a reminder would be sent to you before your payment is due.

Alternatives to Sezzle

If you're looking to pay airline tickets back in 4 but don't want to use Sezzle, we also accept Klarna, Affirm's Split Pay and Quadpay at checkout.

Promo Offer Terms and Conditions

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*Promo code offer can only be applied to up to 5 passengers in one booking, with a maximum of $10 being discounted per person. For example: 1 passenger booking will save $10 off their purchase. Applicable to flight ticket price over $200 only. More than 5 passengers can be booked in the same reservation, however the promo code can only be redeemed to up to 5 people. One voucher use per customer email address. USD only. Must be over 18 years old to purchase. Non-refundable.