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Short-Haul Flights

Have a read about short-haul flights. Find out what it is meant by a "short-haul flight" and buy short-haul flights from a selection of more than 650 airlines at Alternative Airlines.

What is a Short-Haul Flight?

A short-haul flight is defined differently from airline to airline. However, typically, a short-haul flight is any direct or non-stop flight that flies anywhere under 3 hours.

As short-haul flight times are quite short, they generally fly for around 4 or 6 times each day and are usually operated by aircraft carriers such as the Boeing 717 and Airbus A319 or any other narrow-body aircraft carriers. A narrow-body aircraft tends to have one aisle in the cabin with passenger seating divided into two axial groups.

Most domestic flights (where the departure airport and the arrival airport are in the same country) are short-haul flights, however, you can find international short-haul flights flying from one country to another.

Many short-haul aircraft carriers are hybrid airlines and operate on a low-cost model. These short-haul airlines try their very best to provide an eco-friendly service to passengers.

Short-Haul Flight

Are short-haul flights safe?

Short-haul flights are safe to fly on. These flights travel at lower altitudes due to the short duration of the flight, which is more economical for the airline. Pilots and cabin crew are expertly trained to carry out short-haul services. Some of the safest short-haul airline carriers are Emirates, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa, British Airways, Alaska Airlines, Spirit Airlines and more.

What are short-haul flights like?

Short-haul flights are generally economically friendly and work on a low-cost model. However, many airlines do offer a more premium service; with additional costs passengers' can receive extra legroom, in-flight meals, in-flight entertainment, a lounge service and priority check-in and boarding.

How many short-haul flights fly each day?

Tens of thousand's of short-haul flights fly each day. As flights are typically short, a separate airline may fly at least four to six times a day, depending on the length of the journey.

Can take my own food on short-haul flights?

Yes absolutely, you can bring along your own food, as long as it meets the airline's standards. With short-haul flights, airlines are more lenient and allow passengers' to take with them their own food onboard.

Can I book my short-haul flights online?

Alternative Airlines offers online booking for your short-haul flights.

Click here to find and book your short-haul flights with different airline carriers to locations around the world.