Flights to and around Southeast Asia

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Flights to and around Southeast Asia

Discover flights in and around Southeast Asia in the search section above, or read on to learn more about Southeast Asia flights including where to go and the best airlines for Southeast Asia flights.

What countries are in Southeast Asia?

There are 11 countries within Southeast Asia, these include Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, East Timor, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Vietnam.

Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan are not in Southeast Asia, they are in East Asia along with China, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea and Japan.

Why visit Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia has various attractions ranging from natural to man-made attractions. For example, Son Doong in Vietnam to Garden by the Bay, Singapore. If you are into wildlife, Donsol Bay in the Philippines and Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Malaysia is the place for you. There are also other places in Indonesia and Cambodia for you to see this wonderful wildlife too.

Alternative Airlines offers flights to and around Southeast Asia. You will have a choice of over 650 airlines in the world, ranging from legacy carriers to low-cost carriers.

Flights to and around Southeast Asia

What UK airports fly direct to Southeast Asia?

There are different places within Southeast Asia that are cheap but full of culture and will give you a wide range of experiences. We have made a guide for you to visit the cheapest countries in the region. The guide includes costs like accommodation, meals, drinks, attraction, transport and how you could fly there! Please click here for more information.

How do I find cheap flights?

You can find a variety of flights on our website with the prices listed. We can always find the flight you want as we work with over 650 airlines and accepting over 25 payment methods. Scroll to the top of the page or head to our home page to start searching!

How do you get to Bali from Europe?

There are currently no direct flights from Europe to Bali. However, there is a wide range of airlines that you can fly with. The flight time between two destinations is roughly 15 hours, but this depends on where you are flying from.

Do I need a visa for Bali?

Depending on the passport you hold, you may need to apply for a visa. However, there are 160 countries with visa exemption and many more with Visa on Arrival. We advise passengers to check visa requirements before travelling as airlines can deny boarding if visa requirements are not met.