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ViaBill isn't available as a payment method at the moment.

However, if you are looking to buy flights now and pay back over time, we also have other payment methods available. Check out more by clicking into this link, it may even include your local payment methods:

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Buy flights using ViaBill

Make buying flights more affordable by using ViaBill with Alternative Airlines.

It's a quick, easy and secure way to search and buy flights from over 600 airlines with Alternative Airlines and choose ViaBill at checkout. Buy your flights now and pay in a few months time.

How to buy flights with ViaBill


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ViaBill is available for customers who are at least 18 years old, have a valid phone number and buying flights with a US credit card.

Once you've found your flight and filled in all the details, follow the steps below to complete your transactions with Alternative Airlines using ViaBill:

  • 1

    Select ViaBill as the payment method.

  • 2

    Enter your personal information like name, email, credit card information to proceed.

  • 3

    Once ViaBill approved your loan, confirm your booking with Alternative Airlines.

  • 4

    When we confirm your booking, we will send you your ticket confirmation.

ViaBill Flights

ViaBill is a payment gateway in Denmark that allows customers to pay products or services over a period of time. Payment are spread over 4 instalments, paying 25% each time with zero interest. The company then expanded to Norway, Spain and the United States.

Buy flights with ViaBill

How can I use ViaBill to pay for flights?

You can buy flights that cost less than $300 using ViaBill. All you need to do is select ViaBill at checkout and fill in the information needed for your loan. When ViaBill approves your loan and flights are confirmed, then we would send you your e-ticket.

How many months do my flights have to be paid back in?

ViaBill loans are required to be paid back within four months of purchase. A late fee may apply if the customer doesn't pay back in time.

Will there be a late fee applied on overdue payments?

Yes, ViaBill will charge for a late fee if the due payment isn't paid in time, but there isn't any hidden fee as they will show you a cost breakdown.

Is there a chance I won't be approved?

Yes, your loan isn't guaranteed to be approved. There are a few reasons for this including insufficient funds in the bank, flights costing over $300 or it's not a valid credit or debit card.

Is ViaBill available outside of the US?

Yes, it's also available in Denmark, Spain and Norway.

Can I use ViaBill to pay for domestic flights within the US?

Yes! You can buy domestic U.S flights with Alternative Airlines as we offer flights from over 600 airlines including Sun Country Airlines, Allegiant Air, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Delta Air Lines and many more. Start searching for your next flight using our search form on the top of the page.

Can ViaBill be used on non-US carriers?

You can pay for any flights on our website as long as you meet the ViaBill's eligibility to apply for a loan.

When do I need to pay back?

Customers usually have to pay the full amount back in four months. At Alternative Airlines, we also offer other financing options if this doesn't suit you.

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