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Compre vuelos con Visa Checkout

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Why Alternative Airlines?

Visa Checkout is currently unavailable at Alternative Airlines.

But, don't worry. You can still use PayPal or one of our other worldwide payment methods instead.

Visa Checkout For Airline Tickets

Book Flights with Visa Checkout

You can now use Visa Checkout when booking flights with Alternative Airlines. Just search for where you want to fly to and from, select the best routes and flight choice that suits you and simply choose Visa Checkout as your payment method. At Alternative Airlines, we want you to pay your way, using the currency and payment method that best suits you. Check out our other methods of payment.

Use Visa Checkout When Buying Flights with Alternative Airlines

Visa Checkout is Visa's new way of providing their customers with a way to shop online hassle-free. Once you sign up for Visa Checkout, you can buy flights quickly and easily with a simple sign in. All of your personal data is stored by Visa Checkout, so you don't have to waste your time inputting the same information over and over again. You can add most major debit or credit cards to your Visa Checkout Wallet and use this to buy flights on any device. Create a Visa Checkout account by visiting the Visa Checkout sign up page.

Visa Checkout

Is Visa Checkout safe to use?

Yes. Visa Checkout is safe to use. In many ways, Visa Checkout is safer to use than paying regularly by credit or debit card. Visa Checkout eliminates the requirement to share your card details whoever you're making the payment to. Visa Checkout stores your card details and personal details in a safe and secure way and then allows you to make payments by using a username and password, chosen by you.

Where is Visa Checkout accepted?

Visa Checkout is accepted here on Alternative Airlines, to use on any airline flight ticket that you choose. You can also use Visa Checkout at stores such as Best Buy and Costco, ticket websites such as Ticketmaster and food and drink retailers such as Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Taco Bell.

Is Visa Checkout worth it?

Yes. Visa Checkout is definitely worth it! Visa Checkout is a fast, simple and secure way to buy flights through Alternative Airlines. By having your card details linked to your Visa Checkout account, you're able to purchase your airline tickets without the hassle of having to enter your card details.

Can Visa Checkout use debit card?

Yes. You can add any major payment card to your Visa Checkout account. Your payment details are saved to your account, so you can easily decide which payment card you'd like to use to buy your flights. You can add any debit or credit card to Visa Checkout, as well as pre-paid cards.

Can I use Visa Checkout on mobile?

Yes. Visa Checkout is available across mobile, desktop and tablets, so you can buy flights through Visa Checkout wherever you are, using any device.

Is Visa Checkout like PayPal?

Yes. Visa Checkout is similar to PayPal as it stores your personal details and card details in a safe and secure way and allows you to make quick and easy payments using a log-in and password chosen by you. PayPal and Visa Checkout can both be used to buy flights on Alternative Airlines.

Is there best buy deals with Visa Checkout?

Absolutely, check out our airline discounts and deals to save money on flight tickets. Save money with loads of offers from Alternative Airlines when you pay with Visa Checkout.


12 abril 2018

Visa Checkout se une con Masterpass para obtener un nuevo botón brillante

Visa Checkout hopes to join industry giants such as PayPal and Google Pay by becoming one of the buttons you see on a retailer such as Alternative Airline's checkout page. Instead of competing in this market solo, however, the world's largest card networks, Visa and Mastercard, are going to combine their strengths and add both their new online payment methods, Visa Checkout and Masterpass, as one single button. It is thought that American Express and Discover will collaborate in this venture. The cards are hoping to compete with the services offered by PayPal. However, this project is still in the early stages. The button is still being developed. Mastercard and Visa won’t start moving consumers enrolled in Visa Checkout and Masterpass to the new program until later this year.