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You can now use Vodacom through M-Pesa to pay for your flights when booking through Alternative Airlines.

Just search for flights you want and simply select Vodacom as your payment method when you decide to book through

¿Qué es Vodacom?

Vodacom is an African communications company providing a wide range of services, such as messaging, data, mobile voce to 69.3 million customers. Vodacom has grown its mobile network business to other African countries in Tanzania, Mozambique, Lesotho and the DRC.

Vodacom launched M-Pesa with Safaricom in 2007 and M-Pesa has since expanded to South Africa, Afghanistan, India, Romania and in 2015 to Albania.

M-Pesa permite a los usuarios:

  • Enviar saldos utilizando mensajes de texto SMS protegidos con PIN a otros usuarios (incluidos los vendedores de bienes y servicios)
  • Deposite dinero en una cuenta almacenada en sus teléfonos celulares
  • Canjee los depósitos por dinero regular.

M-Pesa está disponible en los siguientes países:

  • Rumania
  • Kenia
  • Tanzania

Pay Your Way

Alternative Airlines, the specialist online travel agent in booking lesser known and niche destinations, is delighted to announce it accepts M-Pesa on all of its websites. M-Pesa allows customers to pay through their mobile, at a pace that is suitable and comfortable for them. You can check out all 25 available payment options you can use to pay for your flights, including PayPal, Tigo Pesa or buying flights on finance.

Acerca de Alternative Airlines

Alternative Airlines is a flights search specialising in finding the best airfares on the widest range of airlines and making them available to you online, with prices in the currency of your choice. Alternative Airlines handles all your travel arrangements and payments, complete with ticketed confirmation. We do not direct you to other websites or service providers. We help you through the process.