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What are Last Minute Flights?

Last minute flights are flights that can be purchased very close to the flight departure date and time. To be considered last minute, the flight needs to have been booked a few days or weeks before departure, or even on the same day of departure. These types of flights are often booked by business travellers, anyone looking to go on a quick break, or those who urgently need to travel due to emergency circumstances. Last minute flights can be both cheap or expensive - airlines can lower prices if they need to quickly fill up empty seats on a plane, but can also increase ticket prices to take advantage of travellers who urgently need to travel and are willing to pay more to do so.

Need to book a last minute flight with WestJet? Look no further! At Alternative Airlines, we've got a handy guide showing you how you can use our search form and apply filters to your search to help you find that perfect last minute WestJet deal!

After booking, our e-tickets are sent to you immediately or within 2 hours via email. Please be aware, when booking a last minute flight, it may take up to 24 hours for you to receive your e-ticket.

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How to Book Last Minute Flights with WestJet

Popular Last Minute Flight Routes with WestJet

WestJet Airlines is Canada's second-largest airline behind Air Canada and is headquartered in Calgary near Calgary International Airport. The airline flies to over 100 destinations across North America and Europe. Below, you can see some of the most popular last minute routes operated by WestJet:

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Calgary ✈ to Los Angeles

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Toronto ✈ to Orlando

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Vancouver ✈ to Montreal

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Calgary ✈ to London

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Last Minute Flights Tips

If you're looking to get the best deal with any last minute flight, follow our tips below! You'll want to consider the destinations you're open to flying to, the dates you are available to travel and also the time of the actual flight.

Flexible Destinations

Not sure where you want to fly to? Believe it or not, this will actually help you find the best last minute flight deals out there! If you're flexible with where you plan to take a break and don't mind venturing off to cities that aren't big tourist spots, you'll find your flights might be cheaper, especially at the very last minute. Instead of flying to Vancouver, why not try visiting Kelowna or Regina?

Flexible Dates

If you have space in your diary for a quick break, why not book a last minute WestJet flight today to any destination of your choice? You can use our search form to see which days are cheapest to fly for various destinations. Airlines may reduce their ticket prices at the very last minute so they can fill up empty seats on the plane.

Night Flights

Night flights or red eye flights aren't very popular for most - this is because we want to avoid feeling tired or restless once we've landed at our destination, especially if we're going on vacation! However, these types of flights may also be cheaper than day-time flights due to their unpopularity, making them perfect for last minute trips.

Last Minute Flights with WestJet FAQs

Where can I book Virgin Australia last minute flights?

Right here at Alternative Airlines! Follow our handy step-by-step guide from earlier to see exactly how you can search for last minute flights with any airline of your choice, including WestJet, at Alternative Airlines. It's worth noting that if you're booking a last minute flight through our suite, it may take up to 24 hours for you to receive your e-ticket.

Are last minute flights cheaper?

There is no concrete evidence to show that last minute flights are cheaper than those that aren't. However, they can be cheaper when airlines decide to lower prices in order to fill up empty seats on the aircraft quickly before departure. Last minute flights may also be more expensive though when airlines take advantage of travellers who desperately need to travel and who are willing to pay more for their tickets.

Can I finance last minute flights?

Yes, it's super easy! When you book your last minute WestJet flights through Alternative Airlines, you can choose to pay later with one of the many flexible payment methods we offer at checkout, such as Afterpay, Affirm, Klarna and PayPal Credit. Paying for your flights with finance options is a great idea if you're having to book a last minute flight due to emergency circumstances and you're not financially prepared to pay for the ticket fully upfront. Take a look at our guide on the many flexible payment plans we offer or our Fly Now Pay Later with WestJet guide for more information.