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About WOW Air

WOW Air is a low-cost carrier (LCC) based in Iceland. WOW Airlines flies to many destinations across 3 continents, including Salzburg, Montreal, Toronto, Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Dublin, Reykjavik, Milan and London. This icelandic company, which was founded in 2011 and commenced operations in 2012, is based and headquartered in Reykjavik. In diciembre 2014, the company celebrated reaching its one-millionth guest. It currently operates from its fleet of 20 planes, formed of the following aircraft:

Airbus A320-200, Airbus A320neo, Airbus A321-200, Airbus A321neo, Airbus A330-300 and Airbus A330-900neo.




WOW Air Destinations


Austria (Salzburgo)

Bélgica (Bruselas)

Denmark (Copenhagen)

France (Lyon, Paris)

Germany (Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt)

Iceland (Reykjavik)

Ireland (Dublin)

Italy (Milan)

Polonia (Varsovia)

Scotland (Edinburgh)

Spain (Alicante, Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Tenerife)

Suecia (Estocolmo)

The Netherlands (Amsterdam)

United Kingdom (London)


North America

Canada (Montreal, Toronto)

USA (Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York EWR, New York JFK, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, St. Louis (ending Janary 2019), Washington, D.C.)



India (New Delhi)

Israel (Tel Aviv)


WOW Air Baggage Policy

Carry-on Baggage


WOW Air allow passengers 2 carry-on bags. One of these, a personal item measuring 42 x 32 x 25cm and weighing no more than 10kg is free of charge and included in the price of ticket. An additional carry-on bag which is larger measuring 56 x 45 x 25cm and weighing no more than 12kg can be purchased in addition to the personal item. The price of this depends on the fare chosen and the route flying, so check with the airline to see WOW Air's baggage fees.


Equipaje Facturado

WOW Air allow checked bags of up to 20kg, with the combined no larger than 158cm. Passengers may have a maximum of 3 bags per guest. Like with their carry-on baggage, the price of each case is calculated on the passengers fare and route, so check with the airline to see what allowances you have bought and what can be bought for an additional fee.



WOW Air Check-In Information

Web Check-in

WOW Air offer online check in, or web check-in, for all destinations. This opens 24 hours prior to departure and closes 1 hour before departure.


Airport Check-In

In addition to the web-check in, WOW Air also offer airport check-in. The check-in desk opens 3 hours before departing, closing 1 hour before departure, unless otherwise stated.



Wow Air Seat Selection

Check seat availibilty for Wow Air when making your Alternative Airlines booking! Make sure you get to sit where you want by making your booking with Alternative Airlines. By looking at the interactive seat map, you can find out what seating options are available to you and make sure that you get to sit in your preferred seat.Find out how to book your WOW Air seats with our airline seat booking page


Wow Air Inflight Entertainment

Wow Air does not currently have an inflight entertainment system.

Wow Air TV

Wow Air does not currently offer TV shows on board its flights.

Wow Air Movies

Wow Air does not show any movies on board its flights.


WOW Air Food

WOW Air Meal Options

Passengers can pre-order meals for their WOW Air flights. The pre-order menu includes meals which will not be available to purchase in-fight, so book in advance to avoid disappointment. This menu includes items such as sandwiches, salads, chicken and rice, noodle dishes, Vegan meals, Child meals and pizza.

Passengers who have purchased a premium fare receive a pre-order meal free of charge. This must be done 48 hours before departure, and is not available on flights departing Chicago, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati and St. Louis.

In addition, passengers can purchase items from the in-flight menu such as pizza, baguettes, sandwiches, soups, porridge, confectionery and snacks.


WOW Air Special Dietary Requirements

When ordering from the pre-order menu, passengers can check ingredients and allergens of the meals to see if it is suitable for them. In addition, this pre-order menu includes vegan, vegetarian and child meals.

If there are no meals which suit dietary requirements, passengers are welcome to bring their own food on board, as long as it complies with transportation of food standards.


WOW Air Drinks & Alcohol

Passengers can purchase alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from the inflight drinks service. The available drinks can be found in the in-flight magazine, which features soft drinks, teas, canned cocktails, spirits, wine and beer.


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WOW Air Discounts and Deals

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WOW Air Route Map


WOW Air Route Map


WOW Air Hub Airport 

Aeropuerto Internacional de Keflavik

Keflavík International Airport also known as Reykjavík-Keflavík Airport, is the largest airport in Iceland and the country's main hub for international transportation. It is widely used for transatlantic routes. Airlines that fly from and to Keflavík International Airport include are Lingus, British Airways, Lufthansa, Wizz Air and Germania.

Aerial image of Keflavik international Airport

Photo accreditation: Hansueli Krapf

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WOW Air Amenities

In-Flight Duty Free

WOW Air offer a duty-free service on board, which is generally cheaper by 25-40%.

Do WOW Airlines provide food?

WOW Air operate a full service on board flights. They have a food and drink service in which meals can be pre-ordered up to 48 hours before departure at an additional cost, or snacks or light meals such as sandwiches can be purchased in-flight.

Does WOW Air have TVs?

WOW Air does not currently operate any in-flight entertainment on their flights, so they recommend bringing your own entertainment when flying with children.

They do offer iPads to rent at an additional cost, subject to availability and only on North-American routes.

Does WOW Air have WiFi?

WOW Air do not currently offer in-flight WiFi.

Does WOW Air have outlets?

On most WOW Air planes, there are universal power outlets or sockets, enabling you to charge personal devices such as laptops, mobile phones or tablets.

WOW Air News

19 octubre 2018

WOW retracts services to three Midwest destinations in the USA

Icelandic budget airline, WOW air, will be ending flights to St. Lous in January of 2019. Seasonal services from Cincinnati and Cleveland will not resume next summer. The last flights from these cities will come at the end of this month. Detroit will stay among the destinations traveled to, but this could be a sign of further change to WOW Air routes. 


25 mayo 2018

WOW Air comienza a volar la ruta Reykjavik a Dallas

One of Iceland’s top carriers, WOW Air, started to operate Reykjavik (KEF) to Dallas (DFW) route on Wednesday. WOW Air is using its biggest widebody plane, the Airbus A330-300, to operate this route. Services depart Reykjavik at 17:40 and arrive at Dallas at 21:10 local time. The plane will spend a night at Dallas and will depart Dallas for Reykjavik the next day at 16:10 and arrive at Reykjavik at 04:45 (+1 day).

Actualmente, WOW Air cuenta con una Flota de tres A320, trece A321 y tres A330 con un A321 y dos A330- 900 s esperando a ser entregados. Sus A330 tienen 2 configuraciones diferentes: TF-GAY está configurado en asientos 23 XL (Espacio extra para las piernas) y 319 asientos económicos, mientras que TF-WOW y TF-LUV están configurados en 16 asientos XXL (incluso más) espacio extra para las piernas que los asientos XL) m 14 asientos grandes (Economía Premium) y 308 Asientos Económicos.

The Economy seats have a pitch of 31″ and a width of 17″; the XL seats have a pitch of 34″ and a width of 17″; the XXL seats have a pitch of 37″ and a width of 17″; and the “Big Seats” have a pitch of 37″ and a width of 17″. The difference between XXL seats and “Big Seats” is that XXL seats had 8 seats in a row, but “Big Seats” only have 7 seats in a row. WOW will operate this route three times per week. Icelandair, the main carrier in Iceland, has plans to begin flying between Reykjavik and Dallas next Thursday.



10 noviembre 2017

WOW Air lanza vuelos a JFK

WOW Air acaba de anunciar su último destino en los EE. UU .: la Gran Manzana. La aerolínea planea comenzar vuelos a Nueva York (JFK) el abril 26, 2018. El vuelo entre Reykjavik y JFK tiene una duración prevista de poco más de seis horas y se realizará a diario. WOW Air se unirá a Delta Air Lines y su competidor más cercano, Icelandair, que ya ofrecen vuelos sin escalas entre los dos aeropuertos.


Los nuevos vuelos ayudarán a seguir aumentando la presencia de la aerolínea en el área de Nueva York. La aerolínea comenzó a volar a Newark en la segunda mitad de 2016 y ha tenido un gran éxito en esa ruta. En mayo 2018, WOW Air hará la transición de ofrecer vuelos diarios a 13 vuelos semanales entre su centro de Islandia y Newark. Para el próximo verano, WOW Air volará 20 veces a la semana entre los dos aeropuertos de Nueva York y la capital de Islandia.


Tickets between JFK and Reykjavik are on sale and start at $99 one-way. The airline, which is known to offer very low-fares on transatlantic flights, charges for additional amenities such as seat assignments, checked bags, drinks, and food.


Los vuelos entre las dos ciudades se operarán con aviones Airbus A321, que se han convertido en la columna vertebral de la Flota de la aerolínea en los últimos años.


En 2015, la aerolínea comenzó a volar a Boston, su primer destino en los EE. UU. Desde entonces, se ha expandido rápidamente a 16 destinos en América del Norte. Solo en agosto, la aerolínea anunció sus planes para conectar Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit y St. Louis a Europa, a través de Reykjavik. Unas semanas más tarde, la aerolínea comenzó a vender asientos para vuelos a Dallas.


Al utilizar Reykjavik como punto de tránsito, la aerolínea ha podido atraer a muchos clientes que buscan tarifas bajas y vuelos entre EE. UU. Y Europa.


Con la constante expansión de rutas de WOW Air, la Flota de la aerolínea también está creciendo. La aerolínea actualmente opera 17 aviones, sin embargo, este número aumentará a 24 para el final de 2018. La mayor incorporación a la flota serán cuatro nuevos aviones Airbus A330- 900 neo, que aumentarán la flota de fuselaje ancho de la aerolínea a siete aviones.



2 noviembre 2017

WOW Air se convierte en la aerolínea más utilizada por los islandeses

Las nuevas cifras muestran que el aire WOW ha superado a Icelandair, la aerolínea más antigua de Islandia, como la principal aerolínea para los islandeses.

"En nuestra opinión, este es un hito, porque pocas personas esperaban que alcanzáramos este objetivo", dice el director gerente de WOW, Skúli Mogensen.

WOW air ha realizado un análisis del informe de inversores de Icelandair y las estadísticas aéreas de WOW y los datos del Icelandic Tourist Board muestran que WOW air tiene una 38% de participación en el tercer trimestre del año 2017 de islandeses que vuelan hacia y desde Keflavik International Mientras que Icelandair tiene 34% y otras aerolíneas tienen 28%.

El año pasado en el mismo período de tiempo, esas cifras fueron 36%, 37% y 27%.

Distribution of departures by Icelanders leaving from Keflavik international airport in the third quarter of the year 2016 and 2017.

"La razón por la que los islandeses han sido positivos con nuestros productos y servicios es porque realmente hemos bajado los precios de los vuelos", dice Mogensen en declaraciones a mbl.is. "Obviamente, había un mercado para una aerolínea de bajo costo en Islandia, como en cualquier otro lugar del mundo donde hayan crecido y prosperado".

Agrega que cuando la compañía comenzó hubo muchas voces negativas hacia ella. "Esa discusión realmente ha cambiado últimamente y creo que estas cifras hablan por sí mismas".

When asked whether he believes that the gap between Icelandair and WOW air will widen he replies, "Yes, we are just at the beginning."


septiembre 2017

WOW Air ha comenzado un servicio a Tel Aviv

WOW air has now begun service toTel Aviv(TEL), with the carrier having inaugurated a four times weekly service fromReykjavik/Keflavik(KEF) on 12 septiembre. The 5,272-kilometre route, the only connection operating between Iceland and Israel, will be operated by WOW air on its fleet of A321s. Flights leave Reykjavik/Keflavik at 18:15 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, arriving in Tel Aviv at 04:40 the following morning. Return flights leave Tel Aviv at 08:25 on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, getting back into Iceland at 13:30.


septiembre 2017

WOW Air agrega el servicio Dallas de mayo 2018

WOW air yesterday announced another US route launch, which sees the airline operating Reykjavik Keflavik – Dallas/Ft. Worthroute. This route will be served by A330-300 aircraft 3 times a week, starting 23 mayo 18.

WW191 KEF2130 – 0045+1DFW 330 135

WW192 DFW1610 – 0445+1KEF 330 246


mayo 2017

WOW Air anunció el lanzamiento del servicio planificado a Israel, programado para el 3 rd trimestre de 2017

Reservation forReykjavik Keflavik – Tel Aviv service opened overnight (CET), with first flight scheduled on 12SEP17, operating 4 times a week. In mayo 2017, Iceland's WOW air(WW,Reykjavik Keflavik) has announced that it will commence flights from Reykjavik toTel Aviv Ben Gurionstarting septiembre 12, 2017. The new route will be the carrier's first service to a destination in the Middle East and use Wow Air's fleet of A321-200s operating four times weekly.


25 abril 2017

WOW Air voló su servicio inaugural del A320neo Skyliner Aviation

21 abril 2017 saw the delivery of the A320neo Skyliner Aviation service form Hamburg Finkenwerder to Toulouse Blagnac, ahead of a handover ceremony later this week. The low-cost Icelandic airline will also add a maiden A321neo in the very near future. WOW Air currently operates a fleet of 2A320-200s, 7 A321-200s, 3 A330-300 on scheduled routes to 31 cities on both sides of the Atlantic.


27 marzo 2017

WOW Air anuncia una nueva ruta a Chicago

WOW Air ha anunciado una ruta adicional que vuela a Chicago (aeropuerto O'Hare) desde Reykjavik en julio 2017. Desde 13 julio 2017, esta ruta se servirá 4 veces por semana, usando un Airbus A321. Chicago será la 10 ruta de América del Norte agregada a la lista de vuelos de destino de WOW Air.


27thJanuary 2017

WOW Air anuncia nueva ruta de Islandia a Israel

Con este nuevo destino, el objetivo de WOW Air no es solo fomentar el turismo entre Islandia e Israel, sino también acceder al mercado de vuelos entre Israel y América del Norte, ya que la aerolínea ofrece vuelos a nueve destinos diferentes en América del Norte desde Islandia.


octubre 24 2012

WOW Air acquires Iceland Express

WOW Air today acquired assets of the airline Iceland Express following it ceasing operations. This included its operations and network.



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